Sunday, February 19, 2012

Actually working on it ...

Yep I'm actually working on the "Quilts for Kids"
I quilted the inside main body of the kid quilt and made one pass around the smaller
border before running the bobbin out. Decided it was a nice start so felt better
stopping to do the evening feeding.
This is the reason I didn't sew earlier. It's an addiction really! Reading makes me lose track of time.
 After morning feeding I was lost in the Kat Martin world.
Yesterday I finished another Kat Martin book, this morning I started this one.
After LN got home at noon R & S2 came up with a friend that helps us fit cattle.They looked at LN's steer and feeder calf to see what clipping needing doing this week. They also checked out R's cattle to figure the work it'll takes to whip 2 all white heifers into shape with their 4" long hair coat.
Seems like they are figuring on 3 full nights this week to get clipping done.
Girls walked their cattle and then whole clan went to look for pigs.
We put a hold on a few and will go back in a few weeks to reevaluate but I am definitely feeling good about our options. I didn't take pictures because it wasn't my place and I don't want to upset the breeder.
Yesterday at the fabric store with my 50% off coupon I bought LN these....

She's in love.
It matches her 4-H shirt and her Snuggie she won for selling ads to support 4-H.
She's a sock freak. Maybe I should do a sock post someday.
And yes she is laying upside down on the couch. It's normal around here.
I'm waiting on dinner to show up. S went to get take out.
I know it's bad and not homemade or healthy but still sometimes you just gotta have some.

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