Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Country Folk...

So lambs tails got banded anyway, told you when girls got home we'd do it.
We band the tails to prevent problems later in life such as issues with lambing and disease. For hygiene reasons short tails are necessary. It pinches them for a few minutes but they get up and take off after their moms shortly after that. Tails will fall off in a 2 or 3 weeks.
I was the one banding as girls brought me lambs so no pictures, sorry.

But ...
this is a supermarket food display rack we were given few years ago. The kids love running up and down it and diving off the top. When we wean them we'll put them in another area that has 2 back to back and some large electric spools to climb on. The lambs don't bother with any of it when the lambs & kids are put together after weaning. The kids climb the hay elevator in the background too. So far noone has bailed out at the top. We did have 2 nannies climb it and it tipped down with their weight so they bailed off at the bottom before it bounced back up and never climbed it again.
This is a homemade feeder for the goats made of a cow trough and baby crib panels for the hay rack.
We had the parts (trough from previous roping steers, crib panels picked up free left at auction) so it was free to assemble and works ok. I wish the kids would stay out of it
but they only do this when they are young. Table in the background was my Dads' he left with me when he moved out of state. It's heavy steel with a thick plexiglass top.
Nannies love to sleep on the shelf and on top too.
Aces' halter breaking is still going but very slowly. LN pulls trying to keep his head up
while R gives a lil bit of assistance.
Uh -Oh ,the coat is off. LN means business now!
Put a round bale to cows to finish a full night of animal chores. I kinda scraped paint off SIL S2's truck cab
while I was trying to push hay bale off truck flat bed with the tractor bale spike. 
It was half dark. He didn't seem worried, said it was a farm truck so ...
Gotta love country folks don't cha ? 

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