Friday, February 17, 2012

Lots of...

Lots of small things were accomplished today.
Kids were dehorned/debudded. They are only 2 weeks old so they forgot about the indignity of it all very fast. Within a few minutes they were back to racing around and climbing the steps in their pen.
I built creep feeders in both goat and sheep pens and rehung a gate trying to minimize the goats running all over the loafing shed when I put them in their pen at nights.
Otherwise I almost got on LN's bad side. I forgot to send her entry form for 4-H Favorite Foods Contest that was due by 4:30pm. It's been 75% done for awhile just needed 2 minutes to complete it and email to 4-H office. Thankfully neighbor called with questions for her sons' form that hadn't been started.
That made me take the 2 minutes to keep myself out of trouble and finish the form and I emailed it by 3:00pm. WooHoo early ! I hate procrastinating but I do sometimes.
I'm working on it! OK?
I am.
and because I am....
Tonight me and LN did this.... early too, its not due till mid-April.
We went to get her outfit for 4-H Fashion Revue at least started. A friend of ours A is helping again this year. She helped R a few times some years ago and this is 2nd year for helping LN.
She lives 1 1/2 hour away so we meet at her MIL's house near our house. Grandma gets to play with new 7 month old grandson while A helps LN and me get going.
LN is making a tan pair of pants like the upper left pair on the pattern and the pink coat on pattern she'll be using the blue/tan houndstooth for. LN has a bright orange as well that we may be able to get a vest made off time permitting. All the fabrics are Wool. LN is entering the MIYWW contest as well as her 4-H contest. MIYWW is Make It Yourself With Wool which is a state and then if lucky, a National contest for young people to enter that sew their own outfits of wool. There are prizes such as scholarships, savings bonds and sewing machines, etc. awarded. It is a great contest.
LN would bein the junior division if she competes.
Tonight they got the patterns set up for her small size and everything cut out for the coat and pants.
A sent LN home with homework she needs to complete before they meet again to actually start sewing.

All and All a much better day today than yesterday. I hope the weekend remains as such.
Tomorrow LN is attending the Livestock Overnighter to complete her PQA training she needs to show pigs with this year. After I finish at noon at the feed store I hope to finish the quilt for Quilts for Kids.
Joanne's is having a 50% off sale on battings  so I'm going to try to run there and stock up as well.
Sunday after LN comes back we are going to look at some possible pigs for her to show this year.
Time starts to fly this time of year as projects are gearing up.


  1. So much for the "slow" time of winter, hugh? :)

  2. Never slow time it seems Carolyn. All the contests 4-H offers and animal birthings occur on top of each other. Oh well such is a Mama's life .