Thursday, March 15, 2012

G O N E all gone...

The title is something my family repeats to babies and toddlers.
 It also applies to the post yesterday. My hard earned 16 should have been 20 loads of manure are gone all gone. Some of the pile underneath was from the cowpen this winter. It's almost gone too.
Yesterday this...
Today this...
I received a phone call last week asking if I had manure available. I did and they said I'll call you next week.
I figured they were like others who say the same but you never hear from them.
Wrong, they came today and shoveled/pitchforked 2 large pickup loads. Seems they are from next county north and plant large gardens to help out people they know who can't always afford food.
In talking to them they said they fed 12 at Thanksgiving that weren't eligible for food stamps/shelters/food kitchens but they still didn't have enough to feed themselves and their families.
This year they are growing a large garden to help these people year round.
What a great give back idea. One of the guys shoveling had never been to a farm.
He was neat to talk to. Very informative about their mission.
He said where he lives in the city people help each other out and look out for each other.
I laughed a little and told him country folks do that too!
He sounded surprised at that making me wonder why?
I guess each group has some incorrect views of the other side. Makes you or at least me think a little more.

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