Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Bliss

Gee, I feel accomplished whenever I get the crockpot going by noon.
It's definitely the little things, isn't it?
A little chicken, a little spices, a little carrots, celery, onion, potatoes and TaDa
Dinner in case I get swapped with customers or animals or kids or life in general.
At the same time why not some cheat machine bread?
I can pronounce all the ingredients and control the sugar and salt.
Machine does the work after I toss in the parts, Yummy!
Bread and potatoes are my weight triggers. I figure if I don't buy processed crap and make my own
it doesn't hurt as much. I try moderation but you know what happens !
Who else has a cider gun in their dish drain? Show of hands?
Don't worry it was washed and sanitized before drying next to dishes. It's time to begin next year's
breeding so meds and needles, bands and ciders are the norm in my kitchen.
I had to clear dishes so I could wash crud off these...
 Anyone need an egg or 2 or 10 dozen? They'll go to new homes by Saturday.
S takes them to auction and people who work there gobble them up.
Still think I need to cut down to dozen hens from 2.
Less work for me and less feed costs going out.


  1. The picture of the chicken basking away in the crock pot made me laugh for some reason. It just looks so proud and happy! (Does anybody else see that or is it just me?)

    Yeah, I know, we go around all the time between having so many hens we end up giving a lot of eggs away (which is nice to be able to do for folks who really appreciate them) to keeping just enough hens for our own use and not having to spend so much on feed. No matter how many times we decide to pare down the flock, it always creeps right up there again.

    1. Chicken does kinda sit up and take notice, I agree. It's one of our broilers we raised. I had it propped up on potatoes, celery, onions and carrots which explains why i looks so close to lid. I've wanted to cut down on my hens for years. My husband S doesn't, however 99% of labor is mine so I should prevail right? I am only starting a dozen this year so we'll see how that goes. I end up with stray chicks left over from our store and 4-H when we use them for petting zoos.

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