Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Brat Kid

Well apparently everyone can see me :}
Last night me and my girls were picking and grabbing goat kids to put in the creep feeder befor I grained nannies. They are all 4+ weeks old. They eat their moms grain and
I need to wean in the next few weeks so I need them to eat creep regularly.
I scooped up a kid and held her against my chest and started to lift her over the creep gate. She slammed her head back into me just catching my chin and impacting on breastbone.
No biggie, I've had worse encounters.
This was 5:30 or 6 pm. At 8pm I felt a tightness like heartburn. By 10 pm it was worse.
 Wierdly I sometimes get heartburn from drinking tea and had just made a pitcher and had a glass.
I went to sleep after learning my sis in WVA had been held overnight at hospital
 for arm tighness and blurry vision. Bad Omen.
I didn't sleep well and by 2 am I couldn't breath w/o alot of pain.
I assumed it was heartburn but in my half asleep mind I wasn't sure.
I got up and it was worse. That's when I remembered kid smackdown.
I probably bruised breast bone or chest wall. It hurts beyond words. I've been in bad wreack and had seltbelt slam me hard. It feels like that. deep breaths hurt.
Stupid kid was all of 20-25#?
Really ? Seriously? I can't believe this.
I've slept off and on all day in 15 min increments cause it hurts to lay down or sit up.

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