Friday, May 4, 2012


Wow, LN and I did alot in a few hours.
She washed and blew out steer, walked and set up said steer.
Cleaned said steer/heifer pen and rebedded, fed steer/heifer.
Moved on to pigs and cleaned, walked and washed pigs.
Fed said pigs.
Next was lambs and goats initiation into halters/collars and walking w/o dying.
They survived but we peed our britches laughing at them.
I don't wanna! was their theme.
Much tangling issued!
Even with her barn clogs...this lol
But it's done.
Tomorrow we 're leaving at 6 am for double shot of soccer in PA.
Maybe when we return we'll start again.
Don't tell LN...shhhh

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  1. Never a dull moment or time to get bored with animals around, is there? Kids growing up with animals end up so much more well-rounded, I think.