Sunday, May 6, 2012


Only a kid thinks Buttercups are pretty...
Rest Majority of us know they are noxious weeds.
Oh well, I think I'll keep her.
She scored a goal after playing wing only a few times and
had assists on many others this weekend in her
3 Travel Soccer games.

She's my favorite buttercup!
She has 2 school soccer games this week along with livestock judging, her personal training with a college soccer coach, horticulture for 4-H meeting, monthly 4-H meeting where she's running for secretary of her club, 2 travel soccer practices, clip her 3 goats for livestock show, oh yea and school and dentist appt.
All this by friday night.
MamaPea @   says it's a good thing to keep her busy.
I'm not sure it's good for these old bones
I'll try to keep up...
My sorely needed dividing Irises are blooming nicely anyhow.
A couple of varieties on the other side of yard.
What do you think of  an "evil" looking cat picture. Puss-Puss formerly called Moo Kitty
from her coloring is LN's sweet indoor mostly outdoor sometimes buddy.
R is under there somewhere! She was cold I guess at LN's game couple weeks ago.
She watched from her peep hole. Supportive  sis ain't she?
My favorite lil squaw!
Just like her Great Grand-ma and other generations of our family.
I also saw my favorite son today but he doesn't do pictures or linger long enough for my liking
but he came, we talked a smidge and he went :/
And finally all this 8 ft high  (piled up  in horse trailer's 12 ft  back section) of loose old hay
donated to cows by S's cousin (new place, old hay left by previous owner & not needed) had to be put forkful by forkful here...
I filled ring over the top before I stop with back third still left for another day.
Sorry no pic but it was getting near dark.
That's Miss Diamond helping herself to a bit. She would have helped but her opposible thumbs never developed. Poor Dear!
End of weekend... sleepy time for me!

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  1. Ha! Keeping up with kids does tend to keep our bones from getting creaky. (Also living on a homestead keeps us movin', too!)

    Who did that beautiful job of French braiding on your daughter? I also noticed the lovely natural streaking in her hair color.