Saturday, May 19, 2012

S Day...

S Day...Show Day            God help them all...
Amid much cussin, bitchin & blamin S and LN are off to livestock show.
I 'll go after feed store closes at noon...
Goody Goody I can't wait : p
I'm fibbing but LN is showing her steer for 1st time so I'll be there.

Not great pic w sun behind her and Johnny.

Little better but no LN cept hand on halter ... her bro n law S2  and C her fitter are there though ;]
Wish us or more her good luck!

Goats coming too!

Sheep as well!

Don't forget hogs..

It's been a loonnnnggggg week ;/ never enough time to prepare!

LN is still perky so it's all good in the hood.
No Ace the feeder isn't going this time. He has to be weaned this week.
He'll make his grand entrnce in next show.
Soccer is ongoing so that didn't help but end is near.
Ahhhh it'll be fine.


  1. Wow, that's a whole heckuva lot of steer! It's so wonderful to see a bright, purdy little gal like LN so involved with the animals. You have a right to be a proud and happy mama for providing her with the kind of life and upbringing you are.

    1. She tries hard at whatever she is doing. She makes me proud.