Friday, May 11, 2012


Today is Yard Sale day for my husband.

He's been collecting junk things to sale for 10 yrs now.
He goes to 2 different auctions weekly that he auctioneers at but also buys for resale at.
I'm not alll...period.
He has basement covered to the rafters and my greenhouse and his shop.
He emptied part of greenhouse and shop for this week's sale.

It covers 2 haywagons and several tables in his 40 ft shed he built this year.
In 2 wks he plans another one.
As long as it's out of here I don't have much to say about it
unless it comes back....
It's also Chick Day....
The Post Office called at 6:30 am . I went to get the 110 day old chicks
and situated them in totes with light and water and feed.
Only 2 didn't make the trip which is better than last week when out of 125 chicks
only 19 survived!
The company replaced them this week at no charge.
Problem is they look alike and customers ordered about 8-10 kinds that came in divided boxes.
I've seperated as best I could but...
I hope the people come soon, this is crazy...
and this too.
Chicks are so cute but man they stink after a short while.


  1. I had to laugh at your comment that the cute, little fuzzballs stink in short order! That they do and, boy, are we ever ready when they can leave the brooder and go outside!

    Sending good luck to your husband that he sells EVERYTHING at his yard sale(s). :o]

    1. He has had a steady business through the yard sale. tomorrow I'll be at soccer all ay with LN so he's on his own. The more he sales the lighter I feel.