Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I posted anything
I don't wanna be negative all the time
I'm working on self improvement in that respect
I'm not great at it
I am trying

Otherwise school is a 1/2 day away from LN being with me all day , every day
Well except when she goes to her 4-H camp and sports camps but still...
Yesterday she had a half day as well and she washed and blew out her steer and cleaned pens and walked and washed hogs
When we came inside I was happy it was only mid afternoon and all accomplished
I'm not big on nighttime work
I'll do it but for some reason if it's daylight I'm more driven

LN has decided to try out at another soccer club over an hour away through a congested area
I offered it to her so I'm not complaining
She goes for 1st of 3 try outs this evening, she s gonna have to kick a** and take names
This is an hard club to get into with Olympic style coaches
At least she s aiming high

She was surprised last week to win a PBS award at her school
It was for being an all around student who has the grades and a little something else
It was voted by her teachers with only 2 per group which there are 2 groups in her grade receiving it
She said "I was just doing what everyone should be doing"

O yea and Ln has been elected Vice President of her National Junior Honor Society
She was happy with that
Never to early to hedge her bets for better scholarship chances

All and All not a bad time around here
Weather is beautiful with no humidity and 70's
I'm such a nervous nellie I'm waiting on the other shoe to drop though
Be more positive, be more positive, be ....

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