Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spa Time

Yesterday the girls decided to start washing everyone regularly in anticipation for end of July fair.
Some liked their spa day, some did not.
LN has been regularly bathing her steer and R's heifer which are in the back of our barn inside with a concrete, mat covered area with  fans running.
These are the other cattle the girls have in another area, they are in our roping arena where it's dry and dirty.
They wash and blow dry their cattle to promote hair growth which can be used in the fitting of each animal.
It also cools them off and helps with the handling ease of each one.
The more they are worked with the better it is to do health checks and general grooming needs.

Definitely looks like R is killing her calf by blowing him dry after his bath.

Funny LN s calf doesn't mind much. Looking pretty feels good?

Yes, she really is that nasty, no shadow on picture , flat out dirty!
She went to fair last year as a yearling heifer , that was the last time she had a bath, yuck!

Grandma Miss Diamond even got a little TLC treatment.
She is the matriarch of our cattle. She started this adventure as my son Z's calf 8 years ago.
Little did we know what would happen long term.

LN in her hurt your eyes neon shirt, placed 4th in Senior Livestock Judging at the county level as a 12 yr old. She's heading to state fair in July to compete at state level.
She's gonna be dangerous when she's older I'm betting.

LN took her market goat and lamb to petting zoo last weekend at a local orchard.
Her soccer buddy helped her out holding the goat as kids petted and asked questions.
It's a community service project for her and a nice addition to the local farming industry we support.

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