Sunday, July 29, 2012


4-h exhibits retrieved (all 90 of them).
Camper is home
Cold food unloaded.
Animals came back w S last night at midnight.
I'm tired.
Shower and nap were on list 1st.
Now some Olympics before sleep again.
I'll finish camper and animal tack tomorrow.
It was a good fair.
LN is in Florida,, they left at 4:00am.
She's happy.
R w rosette, S2 at halter and happy LN.
My happy group w LN's Champion Feeder Calf.
R and S2 had a good fair as well and were very pleased.
Now back to reality for all of us. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pretty Animal

LN won 4th with her Pretty Animal entry tonight.
Not bad for $7.00 investment either.
She was a couch potato, her lamb was the athlete complete with shin guards,
Jersey/pinny, shorts and sports equipment.
Her theme was "Don't be a couch potato, get up and be active!".
We threw it together in 20 minutes and it was cute.

Next  year she wants to break a pig to use.
Good Luck Missy, I'm busy that day.
Tomorrow is last official day of fair.
At 1:00 am Sunday we can start to take animals home.
Counting down the hours, minutes and seconds.


Just so you don't think LN has been running ragged I'll show you some extras she's done.
Time spent on the hammock while studying for judging contests.
She placed 8th in Clothing and Livestock judgings.
She tried NEW hairstyles out.

She set up her conservation box which disappointingly got 4th. It was a full butterfly grden habitat
with live plants and water and rocks to bask on.

She did her demo on soccer and won 1st and a premium.

I people watched. Yes he did come and walk around fair like this and was proud.
It takes ALL kinds.

She rode 4-H float through the nightly parade.

Ln is exhausted. She has a long nap planned for this afternoon.
Tonight she has Pretty Animal contest and tomorrow Dress Revue.
Then she s done.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This is a ...

Because of the collapse of the stage at Ohio Fair and other issues at other fairs
Delaware State Fair has put in a $400,000.00 emergency weather alert system.
It is driving me nuts.
It goes off warning people to seek shelter, stay out of cars and campers.
But it's not a tornado or hurricane or blizzard (I wish).
It's a thunderstorm.
The siren and announcements are continuous.
It's so loud and I think they are panic driven.
Our society is so sue happy that no act of nature can occur without
a major lawsuits or three so ridiculous amounts of money are spent covering the possibility of a chance in Haties of a lawsuit resulting at each and every stinking act in the world..
What ever happened to people being responsible for their own selves?
A major thunderstorm is coming east from Ohio and has to cross PA or MD
then cross the Chesapeake Bay where 9 out of 10 times it peters out.
 I love that saying!
It's probably not PC either just like the storm so let's all sue
because God or wait that's not PC either
But tough beans, God decides to send a storm our way.
Ok, I'm done I think.
Probably didn't make sense to anyone reading this either.
I feel better though.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So I'm a bit late posting.
 The internet connection here is iffy even though I paid $ 40.00 for the 10 day fair access.
LN showed her goats Sunday in the pictures above and placed 1st and 3rd in market allowing both to go to Jr.Exhibitor Auction thursday evening.
Yes I know she's sideways! Camera loading to new laptop is a learning process ;0
Her money gained there will pay her feed bill and rest go into bank for her education and 1st car/truck.
Monday she showed hogs.
No luck there :/

So we moved on to lambs and beef.
LN had steer and feeder calf as well as 2 market lambs
showing at the same time in 2 barns ;/
I can't load pictures right now, I've been trying all day . GRRRRRRRR....
Anyhow she wasn't suscessful with lambs or her steer

LN won Grand Champion Feeder Calf!
I don't have beef pictures because I stayed in lamb barn while her sister R stayed with beef and LN ran back and forth.
She was happy , this is her 1st year showing cattle and it's been a rocky one!

Otherwise she's been in her 4-H demonstration  contest and won in her catergory.
She has the auction Thurs. night and a few community service obligations as well as Pretty Animal Contest Fri. night and Dress Revue Sat.

but all and all a fairly (pun intended) calm fair.
You win some, you lose some!
I ll update as the connection allows...GGGRRRRRRRR...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 2 ?

Day 2 at DE State Fair.
LN and I moved animals down last night with S and R's help.
Everyone is settled and today we weigh all market animals in and see  if they all make different classes.
Hold your breath.
More to come later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh My

Oh  my goodness gracious what a suck a** day.
I argued w R & LN as they washed and cleaned cows up and cleaned cow and pig pens then loaded things to set up cow area at fair.
I should apologize I am a BITCH royally. I know it but I am mentally exhausted and cant seem to get a handle on it.
At some point changes need made but not today so I am trying to deal.
I am tired and was hot but a storm rolled through and took  away the humidity and by Friday temp is forecast for 79*.
Just in time to move animals to fair for 10 days.
I feel beat up today.
Tomorrow hopefully I ll snap out of it as I have to go to fair w LN to deliver her 18 Vegetable entries.
R's husband S2's father has enormous garden. LN adores him and vice versa.
He said" I have everything planted so put in entries to fair and help me a little and you can take them."
She hasnt help as much as I would like but he is too nice to complain.
So tomorrow we take them and some live plant exhibits she has and I'll stay to judge 4-H horticulture exhibits while she sets up sheep and goat pens.
After I go to the chiropractor to rearrange my back into working order again ;/
Ahh to be so happy as alot of other bloggers I follow
but then I wouldn't be ME!
God help us all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At Last

At last I blog report...

Sounds funky, no ?
I caved and bought a new laptop.
The kindle I was given for my birthday is great for reading but not blogging or
 responding to emails, etc.
LN and I leave for 10 days at State Fair on Friday and I wanted to keep blog going.
I know I've been slacking lately but it's been so hot I haven't turned desktop pc on
 for fer of frying it in my "no AC" abode.
I've been reading others blogs but couldn't post from my kindle so,,,
I caved and bought a Dell Laptop, fairly low priced  and enough for me to do a
few things  I need to do.
I will load camera program soon so I can read pics at fair and post accordingly as girls show.
LN and I have been swamped with her fair projects but as of yesterday she entered all but live plants and vegetables. They go Thursday morning and we move animals and stay Friday evening
till following Sunday.
S doesn't spend nights but comes to their shows which works for us so business stays open
except for 2 days,
I should comment on S as well. He caved after weeks of high heat and humidity and bought 2 window ac units. The house is reasonable now, around 75* farthermost from units but nicer than high 90*s even with windows down and insulated curtains drawn. I personally don't like air because I get head stopped up and cant take a breath if its too cold or blowing on me.
 I have been alternating between bed and basement.
Only reason we didn't have ac before was theory that if we get used to coolness we'll never go outside to work animals or store. So far I see S doing that already. I force myself to but I know it needs done and was raised by adage "if it needs done, DO IT" so..
I will try to post more regular now that I can take laptop with me it's just more convenient.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soccer Camp

Anyone regularly reading this blog probably is sick of hearing about LN and soccer...
If you are STOP reading now!
LN and her friend went to the Naval Academy Soccer Camp in Annapolis MD last Fri. to today.
Really upset to leave their parents too ;]
Course it was and has been 100* whole time they were there so their enthusiasm
waned but LN was still stoked about camp just not heat ;/
They stayed in the dorms where the mid-shipmen stay. Each room had 2 or 3 bunks.
LN is on her bed which is over 5 ft in the air.
She loved it cause it was air-conditioned, a treat since we don't here at home.
They were told not to open windows or mess with anything as it had to be returned to the new class coming in. The rooms were nice and LN got to see the new recruits marching and racing to classes from her floor to ceiling wall of windows.
LN and friend are headed to the 1st session of camp. Picture stinks but I was in movement back to vehicle and they wouldn't pose in the dark stairwell anyway.
Now the washer is running with her incredibly smelly clothes so she can repack for Fridays camp at Towson University in field hockey.
After that fair starts and we are no where near prepared.
LN said, "please let me recuperate today and I'll start more projects tomorrow".
What can I say?
She's still waiting on team she tried out for to let her know if she made it so she can give her old team an answer about returning or leaving. The deadline to signup looms too large.