Friday, July 27, 2012


Just so you don't think LN has been running ragged I'll show you some extras she's done.
Time spent on the hammock while studying for judging contests.
She placed 8th in Clothing and Livestock judgings.
She tried NEW hairstyles out.

She set up her conservation box which disappointingly got 4th. It was a full butterfly grden habitat
with live plants and water and rocks to bask on.

She did her demo on soccer and won 1st and a premium.

I people watched. Yes he did come and walk around fair like this and was proud.
It takes ALL kinds.

She rode 4-H float through the nightly parade.

Ln is exhausted. She has a long nap planned for this afternoon.
Tonight she has Pretty Animal contest and tomorrow Dress Revue.
Then she s done.

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