Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mom, Mom, Mom...

Hearing a high pitched shriek I didn't pay much attention to LN tonight.
I hear it alot and she definitely cries wolf mostly messing around.
I had just turned off AC for the night and opened windows to air out stale conditioned air.
I heard LN yelling, "My pigs out, come help".

Her "pig" is a small 275# market hog headed to freezerland at the month's end.
Picture shows him at 240# at fair few weeks ago.
LN let him out of his pen tonight to run around a few minutes as usual
 so she could retrieve his feed pan.

He actually was depressed after fair when we sold his pen mate.
He wouldn't eat , just laid around moping.
It took a few days of letting him out and hand feeding along with attention to turn him around.
I felt weird babying a hog but he actually was depressed.
Where the hogs were penned in the barn before fair they had 3 cows right beside the hogs sharing a fence and a horse they could see too.
After fair all the cows went into arena area to group feed and
horse spent few days in nother lot with grass.
Big adjustment I guess to come home and get stuck in pen alone and pen beside you is empty also.
Thankfully he recovered.

Tonight he headed for the 2 ft step up into the main barn and jumped.
LN said he vaulted higher, landed in the bag room and took off running.
LN chased him down, they are sprinters not long distance runners.
He went outside and munched grass in front of sheep pen.
He turned around and slowly meandered back the way he came jumping down the step as if it was nothing.
A blog I read called Sugar Mountain Farm has a picture of a very large sow clearing a
4 ft high I believe fence.
Pigs can jump but can they shoot baskets remains to be solved.

The weather has made a bid for fall thankfully.
I know it won't last but a few days and nights of 70's/60's I will enjoy.

School and 8th grade starts for LN Wed.
She's helping with 6th grade orientation Mon night as part of
 National Junior Honor Society Vice President's duties.
Since I have to get her there I will help PTA as well.

Another load of sweet corn for the cows so they are quiet and my hay budget is breathing easier.
 A pretty picture to end the post.

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