Thursday, August 30, 2012

Self Employed

Being self-employed is great but it bites too.
I don't have a boss saying this needs done by this time.
I am my boss.
I'm tired of being responsible and feeling guilty.
I wanna read and goof off.
Ok I'm done.
Time to get back to work.

This message approved by the management.

Sometimes you're the hippo.
Sometimes you're the hay floating through the water he just pooped out.
I asked, it's true!


  1. Yep, to be successfully self-employed you have to be very disciplined. Or motivated. Or happy with what you're doing. Or . . . several other important things. No way to cut it, being self-employed hard. I've worked in an office atmosphere where I saw people basically doing nothing all day but they still collected a paycheck the same as I did when I busted my tuchus every hour of every day. Being self-employed is better. Especially these days when most employers don't give a flying flip about you. (Good grief, who pushed my button??!)

    1. I know self employed is better MamaPea but it would work better if I wasn't a semi-procrastinator. LOL. I struggle with it but try to win the battle. Bookwork is worst part. I like being outside & dispise being shut inside. Oh well I ll count my blessings I am employed after all.

    2. They are very, very few self-employed people who like the bookwork end of the business. That's what you hire a Business Manager for. (Yup, you just go right out and do that!) ;o]