Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's 5 years tonight that my world was knocked for a major loop.
A person I knew and had as a customer drove drunk and tried to take away 2 of my crowning jewels.
My girls and I were driving home from a dinner celebrating my friends 25th anniversary.
We headed home bout an hour away when he came at us on an S curve doing 60 mph.
He never turned the corner and
This was R's week old new to her Focus.
This was where R sat in the passenger seat with LN laying down asleep with seatbelt on in the back.
R was on her phone to a friend in Montana laughing. I saw him coming.
It had lots of airbags that they say saved us.
The roof and doors were removed by the jaws of life .
2 helicopters flew me & R an hour away to trauma unit.
2 ambulances took LN and him to area hospital.
He was then sent to my hospital.
This was my seat on drivers side.
The white truck in the background was his ;/
Was it worth being 3 times the limit drunk?
It wasn't our fault or his family's either.
He chose to drink at various places all day and drive.
I hold the ones he visited and drank with responsible to some degree.
I can't look or talk with neighbor he drank with before heading south.
But ultimately he chose to do get drunk and drive.
State Police investigator said not to call it an accident, it was a wreck.
Accident are unintentional.
Do I care he died a few hours later laying in the trauma unit beside my gurney?
No I do not but I wish he would have stayed alive so I could have made him feel what my girls went thorough before I ended his miserable alcoholic life .
All those phrases about not drinking and driving aren't enough.
They don't listen and won't stop.
I have a recovering alcoholic friend who set me straight on that issue.
I am reminded each step I take and each time I see R's scars what he did.
When LN is scared to try something or gasps when someone drives too close I know.
We healed as well as possible.
I still hear R's screams and LN's call from her hospital an hour away begging to see me and knowing I couldn't get there.
He died.
R and my personalities changed sometimes for worse, sometimes better.
Never the same.
I am grateful each day he didn't succeed.
We must have had better angels.
I thank God every day.


  1. Couldn't help tearing up reading this post. The angels were truly riding with you that night. So many times it's the drunk who survives and the innocents who are killed. So glad it turned out the other way this time.

    The people who let him drink and drive do have responsibility for what happened.

    1. I keep repeating in my head "we survived". I wish it didn't happen but am dealing with it. Thanks for support. LN & I are just chilling at home but R is out with her husband and I still get nervous. Letting go is hard but character builder I'm told.

  2. What a terrifying story. And heartbreaking. I came by to return the blog visit and you had me on the edge of my seat! So glad your and your girls were okay.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have second by second recall of the wreck and next few weeks and months following but I didn't share it all. Maybe someday I will. I like your blog and your kitchen remodel. Thrifty and practical is pretty as well.

  3. You are so lucky to be here considering he was in a much larger vehicle, yes you must have had better angels. I hope he was well insured and that it took care of all your medical bills.

    1. Thanks for thoughts. His truck was small size truck. The camera angle was off. Think my son took pictures w his cell phone.

  4. Wow! That is amazing that you all survived that. Angels were watching over you all.

    1. Thank you. Toby Keiths song Better Angels was in my head during recovery and seemed to be true. Thank God for them too.

  5. This was horrifying to read, I am scared every time I'm on the road and especially in the evenings that this will happen. I hardly ever go out at night and when I do it's all I can think of. I pray that time will heal your pain, I can't imagine how myself but God knows how.

    1. It was worse but I can't describe all of it. My girls are fine and I'm grateful.