Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sorting and Knitting

Last night was gorgeous. S was at livestock auction and LN's travel practice was canceled.
The field they practice on every wed and fri nights was saturated from heavy rains.
The association wanted to let fields dry out so they are decent for this weekends games.
As a result I had a free-er night to ...
Knit a scarf. I'm still learning to knit and using cool knobby yarn.
I have ripped it out and started again with just knit stitch.
I had knit 1 row, purl 1 row before but it wasn't visible or easy to keep track of so rip away.
And start again. The colors are bad but my point and click isn't up for night time shots.
I need a new camera but like portability of small click and shoot.
I've seen Nikon 1 and 2 's listed with different lens available but still small sized.
They seem a good alternative to bigger cameras or cheap point and clicks.
Anyone have an opinion out there? 
Please help a sister out if you do.
Santa might bring me one.
I also started a sort on big tote of craft supplies a friend cleaned out of garage.
Alot of wooden pieces but don't great quantities of any uniform sizes.
Their thoughts were I could use them in 4-H club to do crafts with.
There was beads and pipe cleaners I already am planning on  using for Christmas hospital tray favors.
This pile has iron on embroidery emblems. Again not enough for whole club but possible if
a few kids are creative on pillows or ???
This smaller tote is just pompoms. All colors and sizes.
Maybe tray favors also.
I don't know yet but sorting and ziploc bagging everything with likes will be time consuming.
They also gave me small glass bowls and votive holders.
My minds in a whirl with Santa crafts possibly?
Hmmmmm.... I wonder?


  1. Learning to knit with a nubby yarn is good and bad both. Good because if your tension is less than perfect, no one will ever know. But bad because (as you've discovered) it's hard to see your stitches and figure out where you are. Also with the nubby yarn I think it's easier to drop a stitch or split the yarn and not know it. (But that yarn is still very attractive.)

    1. I never learn a new hobby the easy way. I hope to knit an Afghan or sweater soon. I always am too ambitious but better tried than not I suppose. This yarn seems easy to work with the way its made it hasn't been seperating at all. Something to be grateful for.