Sunday, September 9, 2012


Just checking in on a beautiful Sunday.
That monster storm was a bust here.
We had rain and some wind but it moved so fast it was unclimatic.
Is that a word?
LN & I were about 17 mi. south working on a 4-H project where heavy rain soaked us moving from vehicle to building.
Before we left home the rain was just starting and after we returned there wasn't even usual puddles in driveways low spots.
Much hype about nada but that's fine.
The great thing is it cooled to 70* and NO HUMIDITY.
Sleeping windows wide open was great.
A light quilt to snuggle under was better than the stale air of air conditioner.
It is supposed to be in 70* maybe 80* during the days and
60* at night this week.
I'm chilling on the sofa with windows up and blessed quiet of the morning with no air conditioner.
It's the small things actually that make the world spin.
LN & I are headed to her 1st travel soccer game of the fall travel season today.
It's 1 1/2 hours away in the more hilly area north of DE right over border into PA.
She's been running last 3 school days at least a mile a day in field hockey try outs so she's feeling more in shape than other seasons.
It's a harder division in soccer with out one of her best teammates who moved on to better things.
The coach doesn't feel there is drama and separation on the team that affects their playing
it's as obvious as the nose on our faces of the parents.
I'll see how it goes but have my doubts.
LN is playing wing when coach feels defense can spare her.
At wing she has strong leg but players that should be sending her the ball don't, so she's a waste.
Hopefully with 2 new girls she may find a serious enough player to send it to her leg.
She can cross the goal if striker waits there to knock it in.
Simple logistics.
I'm not saying my kids the best on the team.
She is just capable of putting it where it needs to be to allow someone to score.
I believe parents ought to be honest about their kids and their abilities.
I can and do admit my brats faults.
This AIN'T one of them ;]~
Have a great Sunday!


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