Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare!
Who has opened flour canister to bake or cook with and found it with a web over the top from weevil?

Truth or Dare!
Who has  removed the weevil web and used the flour underneath anyhow and not told anyone?

I'm just asking.
 Little paper thin pests are not nice and have no point except to annoy me.
Most flour stays in the freezer and comes out 5# at a time but I have a full up issue in my 2 freezers.

The half of a hog and whole lamb are butchered and ensconced in freezers with
rest of beef, frozen veggies and processed crapola S buys.

We will never go hungry. Ever. Ever.
I have a generator to keep it going in power outages so we can feed the world.
LN's friends think it's cool we have alot of food.
No we weren't raised in the depression or starved as kids.
We just don't like to eat processed meat so we raise our own and freeze garden veggies for same reasons.

Tomorrow I am driving 100 miles south into Virginia.
My 86 yr old ,doesn't drive, Mom-n-law would like me to take her to lunch in VA to see a friend.
The friend is from Georgia and won't be any closer than VA.
They haven't seen each other in 5 years or more.
So off I go to Onely, VA to find a diner so 2 old friends can unite.
Pretty cool, hard to say no.

Do you think LN needs a 12 step program?
These are a few of her socks. I think she should stop being so conservative.
Branch out a little into colors.
So somber don't you think?


  1. My kids are into those colors this year too. Ha ha ha! I really need to buy a freezer like yours. We need one to stock up with.

    1. It's a colorful year for sure. This is large chest freezer in the basement. We have small freezer in barn for over flow. I need to remember it's just 3 of us now on a regular basis. Hard to do for me. I cook for armies.