Saturday, October 13, 2012

DE Junior Winner

Well it looks like a trip to San Antonio Texas is in order in Jan 2013.
LN is Delawares Junior Champion in MIWW contest.

I can not get the plaid to photograph without looking wonky.
LN was judged as if she had a full class competing against her and judges said
"Yep, your outfit is competitive so off to Nationals you scoot"
or something like that hehehe.
Anyhoo I was disappointed in turnout (she was only junior to show up) but happy she was judged
 just as if she was 1 of 20.
The Maryland Junior class had 7 contestants with a wide variety of styles.
Maryland put on a great contest.
A local DE sewing center donated a sewing box with some goodies inside as LN's gift.
She received 3 pieces of wool as well from Pendleton.
LN was pleased , she loved her sewing box.
She started rearranging it on the long ride home from contest.
This is all the MD and lone DE winners.
The catergories from MD were:
Preteen (under 13), Junior (13-16), Senior(17-24) and Adult (over 24)
I hope when my 35 mm film pictures are developed I'll have a better picture.
It was a good albeit long day.
One of the ladies brought this cute sheep fabric to cover a table.
It is bright red, sorry about color.
All  and all it was a good day with good friends to boot.
Miss A in the dark blue outfit is LN and R's sewing mentor.
She has patience and skills I can only hope to acheive in ten lifetimes.
My eyes are closing and bed is calling.
Tomorrow another travel game then off to annual 4-H banquet for our county.


  1. Congratulations to LN! I can't believe you say wonky! I drive my husband nuts saying it LOL!!!

    1. I had to pull out that classic after trying to straighten out her plaid in pictures lol love that word Kelly

  2. Big congratulations to LN! She certainly deserves it. And you deserve a great big gold star for enabling her to participate in all the great, character-building life experiences offered. (What in the world will you find to do years from now when you have time to structure your own life?? Haha, I'll bet you're secretly making a list already!)

    P.S. Kelly, there have always been lots of wonky things going on around our house!

    1. Thanks MamaPea she loves what she does so I try to make it possible. It helps that I get to accompany her to San Antonio too for a few days away lol I have a loonnnggg list for when she s grown and gone but I'm sure not much will actually get accomplished after life gets in the way but I'm gonna give it a try anyhow.