Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dumb, I think NOT

I am NOT as dumb as I thought apparently.
Look what I am figuring out .
Knitting a hat for LN's outfit for MIWW.
Did you hear me?
I knitted in the round.
I'm knitting cables too although in the early stages and I  haven't decreased yet..

It's like a lightbulb clicked on and I'm getting it.
I'm relieved, it proves there's hope for mankind.
I know others find it easy but I didn't.
I read Knitting for Dummies (well bits of it ) and I You-Tubed some.
It clicked in me teeny, tiny brain so I went with it.
I even changed colors successfully.
I have apparently increased the pattern by 1 knit stitch but I refuse to frog
because it doesn't matter overall.
I'll know and now you'll know but with only 12 followers
I'm not affecting "World Peace" or anything.
I've even managed to frog back to a mistake I noticed without losing whole project.
That's a biggie with me.
The orange scarf with lacey pattern I'm attempting has been restarted about 8 times now. 
It's on hold while I finish the hat completely.
LN needs to send her entry form in with a picture soon.
I need to find her gloves as well.
Don't even suggest knitting them I'll not survive.
Lookie what one of my favorite customers brought me
(and my family but I informed him I wasn't sharing).
His last dahlias are gorgeous.
I love all the colors.

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.
Mr. S is around 90 yrs young.
He is a avid gardener and grows massive quantities of vegetables to sell and consume.
He doesn't drive and has his son tote him and his veggies to market.
He told me about a propane driver he had to take his cane to because  "that young man wouldn't do what I wanted done".
I love him.
I love his generation, they are interesting and informative.
I gravitate to them and encourage them to talk about their lives.
I learn alot and they probably don't scratch the surface of their experiences.
Kids of all ages (even mine) should appreciate and learn from older people.


  1. I tried to knit, it's horrible when you make a mistake!!! Crochet is soo much easier, but I do like the look of knit and have picked the needles back up only to realize I don't even remember how to cast on!!!! I just visited with our elderly neighbors and learned quite a few things in less than an hour. There is tons of knowledge in their brains, I will be spending more time with them! Pretty flowers ☺

    1. I'm just learning. I finished the hat, now I'm waiting for LN to come home and try it on. My head is bigger than hers and I don't want to stretch it out. I am making mistakes but trying to figure it out slowly. The orange scarf and I are having issues. Maybe the lace pattern will cover my flubbs?