Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Stuff

Fall Things that are happening ...
local farmer who grows hundreds of acres of pumpkins every year is harvesting
This is whats left in a hundred acre field.
The migrant workers are piling up areas to pick up before a killing frost happens.
Tonight's low is predicted to be 33*
I'm NOT turning the heat on.
Our mums for sale are blooming at our store front.
The blue box has small gourds in it beside the pumpkins.
We have 60 round bales of hay to store before it rains again.
We resale them to customers keeping a handful for ourselves.
Big fall cauliflower from local veggie grower.
I hear broccoli cauliflower salad calling my name, yum.
Hard to tell maybe but it was very windy today.
Our trees were turning over leaves and bending alot.
Good day for
multiple clothes loads to catch up for this week when I've had flu
and this weekend nothing will get washed because I've got stuff to do with LN like
the Make it Yourself with Wool contest tomorrow in Westminster MD.
LN has to be there by 9 am we live 3 hrs away so early morning drive.
When I drop her off at 9 I can't come back till awards program at 2 pm so I wonder whats to do
in Westminster anyway?
I 'll take a book, some knitting and maybe find somewhere to walk around some.
LN is not nervous at all.
I need to remember my camera for sure.
Sunday LN has travel game and 4-H yearly banquet for our county so busy weekend.
The cattle are enjoying the fall veggies too.
This wagon of beans will only last 2 days or so.
Cows are really pigs!
Back away from my bean wagon Lady and no one gets hurt!
Diamond doesn't let any meals slip away from here for sure.
Well I hope everyones weekend is happy and fun.


  1. The flowers are really pretty! And your cows/pigs are cute too! I had to turn my heater on last week and this week we are back to the a/c. Fall weather is crazy!!!! I love the picture of the pumpkin patch! I have a few green pumpkins on the vine, I'm hoping they turn orange before the weather takes them out!!! Have a good weekend, sounds like you'll be busy!

    1. Kelly I had volunteer pumpkins turn orange last month and rot before they were finished turning. So frustrating as the goats love to munch on them .

  2. Loved all the pictures to catch up on what's going on in your neck of the woods. I don't think I've ever seen so many beans in one spot before. Although there have been times when I've been prepping them for the freezer that it FELT like there were that many!

    1. This is a small load of beans. A lot of farmers bring in dumptrucks and huge feed Eaton's but I only have small herd and use hay wagon accordingly . Canning and freezing any begs and fruits seem endless task but taste great during winter ;}