Thursday, October 18, 2012

More and alot of zeroes!

More beans to the cows
More laundry to do endlessly, at least it's windy enough to dry it quickly most times
More winter prep chores to get done
More pickups of bred sheep tonight
More goats to pick up when???
More soccer and field hockey games to attend, let alone practices
More decisions to decide :}

That's alot of mores and I'm probably forgetting stuff!

Last night after field hockey game, soccer practice and filling up my Big Red with alot of diesal :/
I took LN to a interest meeting for People to People, she was chosen as possible ambassador.
The trip is to Australia for 17 days.
Our costs?
Just shy of $8000.00!
Yep, for the priveledge of being a great kid who does well in school and community.
WTH and WT every other letter you can imagine.
I didn't say no because S went as a teenager many, many moons ago.
My MIL offered to pay (she can't afford it but will charge it NOT happening).
LN was excited till a tentative date was thrown in and she would have to give up 4-H camp.
She has already committed to a 4-H exchange group as well that may conflict.
Her fair animals will be in daily training and close to fair date as well.
She can write an essay and possibly win a portion of a schlorship and do other fundraising.
Logistically and time wise it isn't looking good though.
I don't see this happening and LN is being understanding as we discuss it.
If she's such an awesome kid why is she paying for it?
So everyone in America please send money, lots of money, pennies, nickles, dimes.
I don't care the demoninations.
LOL I'm kidding.
I think?
Yea sure I'm kidding.


  1. Your cracking me up! You should think of a fundraiser of some sort! Lately when I go out to shopping centers I just stand there amazed at the people spending money on crap! People throw away money everyday! You need to figure out a way to grab it ☺

    1. I have raised money in other areas but never that much. We re looking at options but no decision yet. I think if all of America just send me their pocket change I d have enough to send LN and me too maybe even you as well?

  2. Wow, that price seems steep. Who's making all the money on that anyhow??

    1. That's my question as well. I am suspicious but my husband went in high school so he has good opinion of program. I know airfair is 2000.00 from US to Australia and they have 3 flights in country while there plus activities scheduled each day like snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. Still seems high but it is 17 days so? I'm perplexed.