Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are fine.
Sandy dumped alot of rain.
I checked this morning and it was at 3" along with what S dumped  yesterday another 8".
We lost power for 1 hour last night.
No biggie for us.
Although the eye passed right over us (not that weather channel talked about DE at all)
it really wasn't bad just alot of wind and rain.
Today is showing watery sunshine mixed with rain showers.
Still have a Level 1 driving restriction but lots of folks are ignoring it.
I don't know why an eraser is laying on the scarf.
To erase my mistakes? LOL
I'm making up my own pattern  and love this striped cotton yarn.
It's Sugar 'n Cream Stripes Rayures by Lily. 100% US grown cotton, processed in Canada.
Geez can't we process it ourselves? 
I made good progress on my knitted Christmas scarf and LN worked on her crocheted scarf.
Do you like her 4-H snuggie, she loves it?
LN drove me nuts with her inability to vegetate but that's what 13 yr old girls are like.
We watched tooooo many hours of the idiot box and I feel stupider for it.
The weather channel was annoying , totally skipping over DE saying storm was
Passing from Cape May NJ to Washington DC.
Hello people, DELAWARE is in the middle, duh.
Funny how there has to be millions of people living on top of each other in skyscrapers
to warrant news coverage.
Lots of Facebook pictures locally of massive flooding.
I am lucky in the respect that our  house literally sits on the highest ground in our county.
If  we flood y'all are dead kinda thing.
S has whined till I finally told him I didn't want to argue so turn on furnace if he wanted to.
He broke his neck getting to the thermostat I think.
I made it turn it back to 62* after he cooked us out this morning.
I think his diabetes is responsible but he doesn't admit it.
He's in denial in my book but it is his life.
If you lie to others it's one thing but to lie to yourself is another.
I've made peace with the fact he won't listen to me or try to control it.
He relies on medicines which are escalating and I believe diet and exercise is better choice.
It isn't my life so I've had to back off.
It has made me more diligent about my chances at High Blood Pressure and Diabetes though.
My family is riddled with it and I feel good to make it to this age without any issues.
All the critters weathered the storm as well.
Even the chickens. I have lots of sticks to pick up from there run but they hunkered down inside.
Sheep just want fed but even they who hate indoors ran for cover in the worst of it.

Goats were sent to the barn willingly. They hate getting wet.
Cows were on their own. They grazed some and stood tail to the wind some.
Yesterday I made vegetable/chicken/rice soup. LN requested it w/o veggies,  no go from Mama.
I made muffins and roast to on Sunday with all the fixings even gravy.
Today crockpot ham I think and more knitting after business bookwork and paying of bills.
Need to do bank run and post office but level 1 restrictions in effect.
We survived Sandy!


  1. Why is it that goats think any moisture from the sky is acid rain??

    The colors on the scarf are very "fun" looking!

    And you're right; I don't think half the kids (or adults even) know that there is such a state as Delaware! Although I think the Dakota's get just as much news-time as you do.

    1. What is this Dakota you speak of? Lol I feel you and they also say you ought to be used to it you're in the north . Lol people are special. Goats are special actually pains in the rear. I love going out and cows, horse, &sheep are fine but a goat or goats are out and screaming like its my fault. Crazy creatures.

  2. Love the way your Christmas scarf is working up. (Reminds me that I've always thought of getting special "holiday" clothes, but never have. Maybe this year?)

    LN's snuggie was the first thing I noticed when her picture popped up. It looks sooooo comfy!

    By golly, you sure do have lots of animules on your place! Looks like a boatload to take care of.

    So glad to hear you suffered no serious damage from Sandy. Even though nobody even acknowledged you folks in Delaware exist.

    1. I don't do holiday duds either but I love the while big scarf or cowl type look so I'm trying. LN loves her snuggie. She was awarded it for selling ads to benefit our county 4-H program 2 yrs ago. Yep lots of critters equals lots of work. Started out each species was for different person but now just LN & I to keep it going. Keeps me out of trouble. LOL

  3. Hi your comment about Shady Lane in Dover. Yes, I have been there a few times...I sometimes forget it's there though! Thanks for the reminder, I might need to go there this week (even after all the shopping I did in Lancaster. LOL) Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. If it makes you feel any better, our local NBC channel talked about DE quite a bit! Probably because of your proximity to our (VA's) Eastern Shore and the whole DELMARVA peninsula, but they were giving you some press :) I'm so glad things worked out for you like they did for us, wind, too much rain, but no devastation so I'm so thankful. And I wonder if that eraser would fix my dropped stitch 20 rows back on the sweater I'm knitting? LOL...