Saturday, October 27, 2012


Ready as I'll probably get for hurricane Sandy.
LN & I put up extra tin in back of barn that is open on east & south sides to let goats into retro fitted pen.
I opened gates to allow sheep into pen, they usually stay outside and prefer it.
I'll shut sheep and goats into smaller areas tomorrow so they are more accessible if it's necessary.
I shut horse and cows out of big pasture, afraid they'll lay in hedgerows if trees blow down.
My SIL S2 brought  round bale we put out to them in case water comes up where we drive it down to them normally.
I filled all 5 large water tubs to top.
I filled lots of buckets just in case inside barn for chickens or inside sheep area.
Inside the house I filled tub with water containers to flush with.
I filled more containers in kitchen for downstairs toilet.
I filled truck up with diesel, think S did his too.
S put tractor behind barn under overhang.
I filled gas can up with fresh gas for generator.
Tonight in the dark I cleaned house gutters with flashlight and LN holding ladder, it was so needed.
I just thought about it and didn't want water in basement so unsafe maybe but necessary very.
I got roast out to thaw for supper tomorrow either in crockpot or in propane oven if electric goes.
I have tons of yard and fabric to occupy myself during melee.
Minor details...
YES I have plenty of food for us in canning jars and freezers generator will keep on if needed.
No we didn't have to shop for anything just gas for generator.
Oops I forgot I went to neighbor for my regular gallon of raw milk I usually get every 4 or 5 days.
I own feed store so critters feed and hay is plus also.


LN & I went to Philadelphia Union Soccer game in Philly today with 2 friends.
Another friend gave us 50 yd line 5 rows up seats .
We loved the seats and rooted Union on but alas it ended with them losing.
I got a nice speeding ticket because I rushed after doing all of the above before we left.

All and all I'm as ready as I think I'll get.
Be sure to look at DE on weather channel.
We're the state in all scenarios that is dead center but not really mentioned.
It's not a question of if  but a definent.
Hmmm wonder if Sandy knows this and will skip over us?
I'll try to update and take pictures, today I was too hands on to take any.

Here we go.


  1. Take care, hope you are more prepared than will be necessary. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks and we'll see what happens very soon. Steady rain has begun. Thankfully softly so any hard ground can be soften to absorb haevier downfall that's coming. It is dry here.

  2. Replies
    1. We are fine just alot of wind and rain. Have a post coming soon. Hope you made it through in VA.

  3. Anxiously waiting to hear that you all made it safely through the rough/touch conditions.

    1. We re fine. Alot of wind and rain. Only lost power for an hour. Will post soon.