Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still here

I was laying down in bed .
I was thirsty so I got up on my elbow and reached across to nightstand for a drink.
I pulled a muscle in my chest, high up almost to throat area.
I hear the pop and thought I'd throw up but went ahead with drink and almost chocked.
Seriously what are the odds?
MamaPea I won't even say what I was drinking.
Laid down and went to sleep , a few hours later about 2 am I woke up thinking I was having a heart attack.
I was cold and teeth were chattering and it hurt to breath or lay down or twist on side.
It hurt.
I went to bathroom and being upright eased it a teeny tiny bit.
I thought about it and realized it was wrong area for heart so I calmed down and remembered "pop".
It's been almost 2 days and I can finally breath somewhat and sleep propped on pillows.
Of all the nincompoop things to happen for Gods sake I was just thirsty.
It made me hate what I was reaching for and I have definitely swore off them for good.
I went to get "gray taken away" temporarily today.
Afterwards I stopped to get subs for our lunch and out of "I'm out and about so I'll just buy a small one" I bought a 12 oz bottle of demon water.
I started for home and cracked the seal and took a sip and almost threw up.
It made me sick!
Psychologically it is making it hurt to breath although realistically I would have drank the water I always kept on night stand  otherwise.
See how my mind works?
Crazy right?
I made and ate my favorite soup, Ham and Bean a few years ago.
That night I came down with the flu.
I tossed up soup and anything else I consumed for last year it was so bad.
I ended up 10 #s lighter during that flu week (it came back with a vengeance).
I have never made or ate Ham and Bean since.
I know I'm crazy you don't have to say it.
Off to LN's field hockey game, at least I can breath sitting in chair on sidelines.


  1. I'll bet you dollars to donuts, m'dear, that you broke a rib! That was the popping sound you heard. I did the same thing once by just coughing. My mind went the same direction as yours did and I thought I had something horrible going on in my chest (hurt like he**) or was having a heart attack. One doctor had no idea what was wrong with me (I was in a lot of pain) but another one figured it out and told me exactly what to expect and how long I would be miserable and what I could and couldn't do to make the pain more bearable. Yup, you done broke a rib!

    Also, I can so relate to your aversion to Ham and Bean soup after being so sick with the flu. Several years ago, I was eating one wonderfully delicious caramel roll and a glunk of caramel pulled the crown off a tooth. Seven hundred dollars later my tooth was fixed but do you know I STILL cannot eat a caramel roll?

    It doesn't sound like it since you're improving slightly but be very aware of your breathing because there's always the possibility you could have punctured a lung. I don't mean to scare you, but it's just something to not mess with if you don't continue to get better. Hugs.

    1. I'm not in as much pain today. I could sleep without much discomfort but its still over 80° upstairs and I turned off AC to save my wallet and don't sleep well with S s fan thundering. I'm on sofa at 2:31 am restless and cranky. Really need to get stuff done to go to tournament this weekend with LN but need sleep as well. I think because its eased so quickly that its a muscle pull but I ll watch my breathing for sure. Thanks for caring. I'm going to sleep now with LN's cat at my feet and S's dog on floor snoring beside sofa. Oh Joy!