Friday, October 5, 2012

Wash, Cook, Repeat

Wash dishes and clothes (4 loads), hang up said wash, cook, repeat...
My day has been that way so far.
Made pasta salad, cauliflower/broccolli salad, assembled snacks and cut up celery for peanut butter.
Just a quick post to say off to another weekend socceer tournament.
Heading for Lancaster PA .
Don't get all excited for me since you're thinking mega amounts of crafts and fabric and quilt shops
along with georgeous scenery.
Think more rush to school to pick up LN from todays FH practice at 4:00 pm.
Grab another teammate and Mom riding with us.
Fill up and get ice for cooler packed with previous mentioned food.
Grab another team mate and drive to PA.
Somewhere feed said passengers and go to hotel.
I'm thinking close to 9:00 pm with Fri traffic and dinner stop. 
Saturday 2 games at fields with packed lunch then maybe dinner out.
Sunday rinse and repeat, lol.
No free time to cruise to stores and shops unless I hussle and maybe miss game.
LN will not allow that.
I can not yell during games, her orders but I must be there.
Hmmmm I wonder though Sat nite if I could?????
Stay tuned to hear the chances.
Off to finish loading truck, changing clothes and starting the process.
Ooppss have to take down last load of towels 1st.

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