Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25th 1st part

Merry Christmas
from Mine to Yours
LN never stop smiling. She got up and went to feed all her animals
then came upstairs to get us up.
So dang thoughtful she was.

Even happy about the  requisite books.

Her squirrel necklace thats a watch :}

Owl shirts are banging I'm told.

I'm so not impressed, I could be napping.

LN made and decorated butter cookies yesterday. She's the only one who eats them.
Hope she's hungry!
Funniest thing ever was LN cleaning up the crumbs and icing under the racks on the table and she bumped a tray . It ended in the floor and I about peed my pants laughing.
It make me rethink my bad mood and ended up laughing and happy.

My pathetic decorating skills after a frustrating baking attempt seen below.
Cinnamon rolls that were an epic fail.

I know why, I didn't let mixture cool off enough and yeast didn't set or take well.
I also think the whole wheat flour was dense and strong.
I baked 4 dozen , they didn't rise much and were chewy.
I'll attempt again later and will master it.
I'm stubborn , remember?
Be back with other 2 youngins and updates as they occur ;]
Enchiladas for Christmas supper, yummy!
Have a Wonderful Christmas.


  1. Enchiladas sound wonderful. We were supposed to have tacos but ended up eating posole with the neighbors for lunch and skipped supper. LOL!!
    Hope you guys had a Very Merry Christmas! :)

    1. Posole ? what is that? I make enchiladas like my Aunt showed me. She was raised in Arizona in her youth. Christmas was tempered by animal issues so subdued for me. Kids loved it though.