Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25th part 2

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
Except in LN's case it was ...
The stockings socks were given in CHEER.
She received 13 pairs of cheerful socks this Christmas.
She is the Queen of Socks!
The 12 and 13th  (if you're counting) is 2 pairs of Bright NEON Green soccer socks.
Here's a few close-ups.

These are mis-matched Christmas socks. Don't you love the toe icons?

Thick sports socks as well as crazy colors

I think these came with the Partridge Family bus, do you agree?

LN said she doesn't even need shoes with these.

Aztec anyone?

                                           Boo or should we say Hoo with these 2 pairs?

Always have room for sheep feet. I'm trying to talk her out of this pair.

Goose was unimpressed by the activities.
We ate enchiladas and MIL brought pretzel salad with her.
A few things were not cheerful today.
One of the young goats went into premature labor and I had to pull 2 dead huge kids.
We gave her meds and hope she lives.
I hate that part of animal husbandry and it is someones fault for breeding such a young goat.
She seems to be drinking and nibbling and seems to have turned around in the pen I put her in.
I came inside from that fiasco and had to shower from well you know ...
I went down to kitchen to wash dishes and start dinner prep.
A few dishes into it the water cut off.
Great so S goes into pump room in basement and he hears water flowly loudly.
Seems sink supply pvc pipe broke in 2 pieces and flooded corner of basement.
That required stopping S's project of cutting small goat door in side of barn wall and becoming plumber right quick. After hour of cleanup and repair prep continued.
In the chaos and mental frustration of remainder of day I did not take any pictures of R & Z's visits.
R was happy with her 3 scarves, book, & TOMS shoes.
Her hubby S2 liked his hunting underduds.
S received a new truck seatcover, his is in bad shape and overworked on deliveries.
Z accepted his money gifts and talked awhile with me and LN (a rare occurrence).
He doesn't take to attention directly or accepting gifts but he tries with me.
It seems he is trying to qualify for a mortgage as a 1st time home owner and purchase a small starter home. He is only 22 yr old but if he can he will.
He said he can pay mortgage as well as rent.
We'll see what plays out but more power to him and I'll help as I can.
All and all not a bad day.
I received clothes from R she's the best at stocking me up.
LN & S gave me Amazon cards as well as a friend so I'm set on my Kindle and otherwise. 


  1. Sounds like you had an exciting holiday....although not all "good" excitement. Hope your doe is doing well.

    1. Carolyn the doe is not doing well. She seemed better last night. She had got up and turned around and ate a lil and drank water. This morning she is just laying there and crying softly. This is a lesson learned I hope. No amount of money from kids is worth this.

    2. Have you taken the does temp? She may have an infection. If her temp is up, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get some antibiotics into her if you have some on hand and haven't already. I lost one of my purebred does after a bad birth and kick myself for it.

    3. We did give her antibiotics. Sadly she passed about noon today. It makes me sick.

  2. Sorry about your doe :( How old is she? It seems there has been alot of goat drama this Christmas, did you read Mystic Muds post? I hope I don't have to do what you woman have done! Glad the rest of your Christmas was good and I hope the little doe does better today.

    1. She was too young to be bred. My husband breeds them at 7 or 8 months old. I disagree and am the one stuck when stuff like this happens. Bad sore subject. This makes me want to get rid of goats period. He just shrugs I feel it. So annoying. I don't let him near sheep or cows but goats are his thing even with me & LN doing 90% of work. I am angry so I ll shut my mouth now sorry.