Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few of ...

A few of my favorite things ...
Some of my older Santas and Snowmen
that are 40's or 50's plastic or machie, maybe cellulose too
and a COKE bottle Santa

An electric Santa teapot I found at an auction in the middle
Some blueware pieces from Elthred pottery
on the left a 5 piece stacking Snowman, hat is 2 pieces (salt/pepper), body is 3 pieces

A sign and below 2 other "cowboy" Santas for S


My heavy cast iron pieces I love
How 'd did snowman get bigger than ole portly Santa?
Closer views just cause I love them so much

Kinda looks like an Oriental snowman I think.
I know he is cool but heavy as well.
Shockingly this isn't all of my decorations.
I think I need an intervention.
I am sorting things though to send things I don't display to auction as I put things out.
I do like Christmas.
It makes me smile real big just walking in a room and seeing my "treasures".
Oh yea, update on gym and trainer
I hate it, I'm sore, I wanna a cookie, I am very sore!
I will not stop and I will adjust my eating habits and food.
I can do this.
I will.

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