Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flash Mob

We are back from MIWW contest in San Antonio, TX.
LN didn't place but she tried her best.
She learned lots.
She has tons of ideas for"next time".
Not the best pictures as a 6'6" in man stood in front of me as she turned to me.
He said sorry but somehow that didn't show up on camera, grrrr.

This was afterwards as the MIWW lost her sign out sheet and wouldn't release her.
Grrrr, again!
But in all it was a good trip.
We and sometimes when she was busy I wondered through the Riverwalk area.
My hotel was where the brightest light is.
It has riverwalk access from the Alamo straight through their lowest level.
Pretty place and well kept by the city.
The riverwalk has an outdoor theater, this is the backdrop with the stage in front of it.

I found the old village opposite it ( La Villita I believe was the name) which is now a craft village.
A group of local knitters flash mobbed the craft village trees.
They knit tree scarves or wraps on the trees in bright designs and colors.
So cool!
They knit patterns with embellishments such as ruffles and pom-poms.
This was my favorite. It was knit in place around the upper right branch.
I also "found" this church with a sculpture in front of it.
The church bells gave me shivers.
Back to the real world.
Within 20 minutes of pulling in the driveway I was in the barn.
A set of lambs and 1 kid were born while I was away.
I rearrange things and put stuff back where it and they belong.
Mucked jugs from lambs.
Tomorrow or Tuesday we have to repair front fence someone knocked out in the middle of the night
2 nights ago. No they didn't stop to tell S of see if animals got out .
Typical unfortunately...
Sleep is calling and gym bright and early too.
Time to get back at it.



  1. Sounds like a very nice trip and it gave you a little bit of a get-a-way. Isn't it funny how everything is always waiting for you the second you get home? Back to the grindstone!

    1. Everything and then some was waiting for sure MamaPea. It was a bit of a get away but not as relaxing as I planned. I cant seem to get comfortable enough to read or knit for a decent amount of time when I'm away. I think I feel that I should be a tourist and do something. I need to go away more and force myself to relax. Lol yea that ll happen.

  2. Replies
    1. It was fun but short. Need to di it more often.

  3. Wow, sounds like a really cool trip, the riverwalk looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures and hope all the newcomers at the farm are doing well.

    1. The riverwalk was fun. It was 19* here when we left and 75* there so it was a shock. Near some of the small waterfalls along the riverwalk you could feel a breeze . Funny to be that warm.

  4. LN may not have "placed" but she is difinitly a winner. You can see her poise and confidence in the pictures and for a girl so young that is really great. She "won" by having the courage to compete in the first place. Tell her congratulations!

    1. Why THANK-YOU Sir. That is a true sentiment also. Don't tell her but I doubt if I could stand and model in front of the ASI and others banquet or anywhere actually. She surprises me with her confidence as well. Great kid I got!

  5. I agree with Spiderjohn, it took a lot of confidence for her to even participate! :)
    Sorry about all the stuff waiting to be done when you got home.
    I LOVE that old church, how beautiful!!

    1. The churches around are hotel were old and mostly Catholic. The Spanish Mission archecture was beautiful. I'm waiting on 2 days of warmer temps to see if I can fix fence even temporary. Goats and steer are shut inside and protesting much.