Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remember the Alamo

I visited the Alamo several times during the stay in San Antonio.
It is a reconstruction and  memorial to a bloody battle.
The grounds are landscaped now and it takes imagination to see the buildings in the stark desert like area it was back then instead of an irrigated garden in the middle of a city.
I snapped some of these shots and LN did the rest.

I like the uncluttered side view without ropes and tourists.
I wasn't a tourist, I was a celebrity.
That was what our riverboat tour guide said and I'm sticking with it.

Not sure if she is trying to imitate the "Thinker" or just what???


  1. I love that shot looking down the walkway! Hubby was watching a program about the Alamo this morning on the History channel!

    1. Such a cool place. I know the history so I was impressed but sadly LN wasn't.