Friday, February 1, 2013

6-No 7-Yes

At 6:00am no snow as was predicted by 3:00am.
At 7:00am snow falling and laying quickly and thickly.
Snow on Sheep
They don't care, just feed me is their thoughts.
Snow on Cows

Same thoughts plus - Put down camera woman!
Snow on fields

Not sure any thoughts there.
Snow on Pines

Sounds like a good book title.
Snow on Grape Arbor


Need to prune badly but I like the shade too.
Grapes are so-so with me in flavor.
No rest for the weary either.
LN had school at regular time.
She was not impressed.
If you aren't from here as this previous MD and some PA resident is
you don't understand it but the big DE shuts down at signs of any precipitation resembling snow. Panic mode ensues and grocery store are shelf barren.

Bye-Bye LN, have a good day.
Oh wait it's only half day for conferences for report cards.

Pretty hard to steer with my handlebar missing from wind storm yesterday ya know.
Hope you find it.
Hmmmm fence may need replaced from horse leaning not snow load.
Snow on fence post

Snow on gate

Not going to gym until later because trainer had issue but I are going!
Not looking forward to driving with panic stricken crazies in the inch of snow though just saying.
My thighs say I must, I must though.
So I go


  1. Beautiful pictures! Poor LN LOL! I remember waiting on the bus and wishing we had some sort of shelter to cover us! If it rained we all smelled like wet dogs crammed in the bus! Have fun at the gym!

    1. Kelly didn't to to gym after all. Our inch is around 4 right now with slick roads & high winds. I'm on my own excercising today. Try again tomorrow to get to gym while kids at soccer practice.

  2. Great pictures! Glad to see them on my computer screen instead of in my yard though :)
    Get working out! And speaking of which, I'm on my way down to my "gym" in the basement! And one, and two, and lift, and stretch!!

    1. Lol Carolyn I didn't go to gym either. 4" and slick roads is making me head to basement gym as well. Better working out here than not at all. Treadmill is my friend, treadmill is my friend, ok maybe not but doing it anyhow.

  3. Really like your "Snow on . . . " pictures. The fields are saying, "Thank you, Mother Nature, for this poor man's fertilizer." (That's what the old-timers call snow.)

    Don't blame you for not venturing out to the gym. Getting into a weather related accident could put the kabosh on your exercise program for a long while. You were smart to stay home and be one with your treadmill. (Hee-hee.)

    1. Wellllll MamaPea I sat on my "gluts" and didn't work out at home Friday. I went in this morning Saturday to make up for it. Saturday are usually not gym day.

  4. Snow on Pines = beautiful!! Glad you stayed home and didn't venture out on the slick roads with all the crazies!

    1. Not worth it. Treadmill is un excited but works at home. I did go in to gym Sat morning while LN was at soccer pract.