Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Got Nada

I got nada or nothing inspiring to say.

Lemon Raspberry cake was a bust.
Not much flavor and texture was dense.
Back to drawing board.
Still going to gym 4 days a week for 1 1/2 hr workouts.
Still working out here 1 or 2 other days for at least an hour.
Still watching food choices and calories.
Still haven't felt "euphoria" other talk about and "extra energy" either I've been told about.
Still tired all the time and no my thyroid and everything else is fine I'm told.
Still not losing much.
Still pissed about that.
Still taking care of animals and kid.
Just wanna sleep and sleep but make myself get up at 6 am and stay up all day.
Just wanna read and knit and be left alone.
Not going to happen in this lifetime.
Recieved a new feeder calf from S2 for LN along with the annoying mama cow.
Have to take and post pictures but too tired.
Hate that mama cow alot.
She will not get with routine.
Probably will get new heifer from S2 this weekend.
He doesn't have pllace for her at his grandad's place yet so fostering her awhile.
Need to reintroduce the "downsizing" plan to R & S2 about animals here.
LN has a "boyfriend".
They only text and talk in school.
Issues need to be addressed about this situation beginning.
She's 13 and 1/2 and in 8th grade.
I am struggling here.
Her bro Z was a "man ho" at that age but it's different with her.
Am I sexist about it?
You betcha.
Different kid, different rules. 
OK so I had something but not much.
Gots the blogging blues...


  1. Just a thought about something that seems to work for me as far as recharging and gaining more energy and enthusiasm. The couple of times that I've "given" myself the day "off" . . . you know, to sit and read and knit or whatever it is you think you'd really like to do if you really, really could . . . I've definitely noticed that I feel much, much, much better the next day. Now I know taking that day off is soooo hard. Nobody has more guilt about not putting in a "full day's work" than me. (Yeah, it is a problem I need to address.) And that day off takes planning where you sometimes have to work twice as hard the day before to be super on top of your chores whether they be inside or outside ones. And, of course, there are those things that still HAVE to be done on your day off, but you can really pare them down to very little with effort. Then on the designated day, do what must be done but doggone it, get right back to your reading or knitting or whatever. This whole scheduling of "me time" is so danged hard for women because we live 24/7 in our work place and all the stuff that needs to be done is staring us in the face. It is never out of sight. Not at all like a fella who goes to work and then leaves it to come home at night or on weekends. If you can, dear lady, try to get a day off to do exactly what you want to do. I've only done it twice in the past several months but know I'd be a (much!) better person if I did it more often. Maybe it would work for you, too.

    You're to be given so much credit for staying with your exercise and better eating routine. That takes a whole lotta grit and determination. So maybe you can be just as determined to get in a day off now and then?

    1. Wow thanks for the short thoughts. Really thank-you. You are most likely right. S thinks because "I waste" an hour and half at gym 4 days a week that I don't need anymore time so I have to dispel that myth. Sometimes I manage an hour or 2 reading or knitting but with business here at home we have customers dropping in everytime I get settled down. Piece of mind is a hard commodity with me but I'm working on it. Thank-you again for reading what I vent. It gives me hope that there is actually someone out there.

  2. I agree with Mama Pea! Whatever you are really wanting to do, everything else can wait and you need to just do it! You are working hard and you deserve some YOU TIME!!!!!! I was super annoyed with my husband this week just because he has days off!!! So him being sick on the weekend he was free to sleep the whole three days and do absolutely nothing else! Me, sick or not I NEVER have a day off and have tons of kids and fur babies to care for and sometimes (rarely) I do just sit and read or crochet, it's good for the soul ☺

  3. Yes, Lisa, there IS someone out there! ;)
    I like Mama Pea's response too because there are many, many days I feel exactly how you do. I sit and fume about never getting a day off.

    1. Candy C I agree wholeheartedly about fuming. Doesn't do any good but I fume too. Have to find a balance somehow soon. Me is special too!