Sunday, March 24, 2013

3 for 2

LN thought she was getting 2 market hogs from Indiana.
However by sending her BIL, S2 you just can expect changes.
3 Beasts arrived, 2 barrows and 1 gilt.
Barrows are castrated boys, gilts are females not yet bred or delivered.

Fights have issued but it is their nature.
Names have been given, ummm do you really want to know?
 I'll tell you.

Obama, Mohammad and Michelle
 meet Goose the big , bad pit bull with the furiously waving tail licking the blood
off the injured party.
One long un-reviving night it has been, I slept for 5 and 1/2 hours then got up to
unload pigs, went back to bed at 3:30 but couldn't sleep with 2 snoring creatures, ie: S & Goose.
At 4:30 I went to sofa and read emails for an hour then slept for another 3 off and on till
giving up and getting on with feeding and chores.
I am a solid 8 or 9 hour girl, less makes me sluggish and unproductive.
I don't want that.
LN slept 8:45 pm to 8:30 am.
She is grouchy and ankle is hurting from the kick but the rest is getting better.
She met her pigs and walked her feeder, Diablo with Pinkey's help (new calf) after consuming 2 bowls of cereal.
She is doing her sewing homework from last week to her poncho's hem.
Oops, I spoke too soon , she just stormed off to her room.
Apparently I smiled or laughed at her less than stellar demeanor.
Lack of sleep and aches and pains hit her disposition hard, puberty doesn't assist much either.
Oh well,
I took a private family photography portrait session this morning.
I am proud
Meet Gemstone (Miss Sinful's Gem) and her son Mr. Pinkey.
What I am not proud of is the annual spreading of the manure commencing across from my house.
Yes I know it's necessary but definitely not desirable.
PeeeUeeeee, smelly, stinky, yuck
Crops will be appreciative this year and I'll get over the stink permeating everything after awhile.
Happy sweet smelling Sunday ya'll.


  1. Hopefully the pigs quit fighting, that would drive me nuts. I must have peace LOL!!!!
    Hope LN feels better soon. I have a super cranky teen too, it doesn't take much for mine to get a bad attitude, I guess I'm annoying ;)
    Very cute pic of mama and baby cow ☺

    1. I was lucky and am lucky I believe. My 3 kids aren't & werent typical teenagers with attitudes. Guess its from being so busy there's no time to break down. I always remind kids their busy schedules are their choices and we can stop the bus and get off anytime they are ready. Once LN got enough food in her system she returned to her quirky self. Thankfully :)

  2. Sure hope LN's bumps and bruises don't turn out to be anything serious.

    You folks sure do live a fast-paced life. Animals coming, animals going, animals to work, animals to take care of. It's great, isn't it? Seriously, can you imagine having nothing to do but come home from work, microwave your dinner and then sit in front of the TV for several hours? No thanks!

    1. MamaPea it is exhausting but will be gone so fast. I'm trying to hang on for the ride right now. Never want to look back and say if only I would have gave my kids a bit more chances to grow and learn responsibilities they would be better adults. I ll see if it worked one of these days sooner than I will be ready for.