Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grrrr TOM

If menopause is going to happen then happen dang it!
T.O.M. can stop visiting.
Cramping can stop.
It's been long enough for my lifetime.
If it aint gonna stop I want a baby then.
That made everyone shut up, now didn't it?
It is NOT fun to workout for an hour on AB exercises today.
I do have seedlings popping in the greenhouse.
Zinnias were 1st and I do love me some flowers.
Today I saw broccoli and cauliflower popping through.
Cold weather doesn't stop spring happenings.


  1. Lisa,

    They say everyone experiences menopause differently.

    I've been going through menopause for about 4 years now. Dealing with no period is fabulous. The down fall to menopause, I turned into a royal "B", had no patience, wanted to scream at everyone driving around me, had extreme hot flashes(if I got made the flashes were so so very bad), sore breasts, dry skin, hair loss, unable to sleep at night, just very miserable,and I can't seem to lose weight no matter how hard I tried. Doctors put me on hormone replacement, that lasted a week (I bled so badly).
    Doctors didn't want to help after that, so I started eating soy product (of course that tasted nasty), tried some over the counter items for menopause, nothing seemed to work. Then I came across of all things this vitamin from One A Day. It's called One A Day Menopause, with isoflavins. I take this daily and feel so much better. Most of my symptoms are gone. Hopefully, your time to go through menopause will be so much easier than mine. God Bless!

    p.s. I can't wait until it gets warmer, and we're able to plant outside. Enjoy your seedlings.

  2. As if having a monthly period (with all the accompanying side effects) for years and years isn't enough, then we get hit with menopause which provides all kinds of he** for (frequently) many more years! I tell ya, I sometimes do wonder why it all has to be so difficult. I mean being able to have children is wonderful, but why do we get so beaten up because of it?

    We've still got a ways to go for spring to arrive up here in the north, but we have had a lot of melting (and mud making!) in the last week. I haven't started any seeds yet but . . . soon!