Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makes you think...

If you are squeamish stop reading.
I saw a man die today.
Not his face and not close up but enough.
The EMT's and others may have brought him back but he died 1st.
At the gym I was on the stairmaster which is 7-9 ft in the air when I'm on top of it so I could see whole area.
A man was moving between 2 weight machines in the next open room area and collapsed.
No one knows if he struck his head but he lost consciousness and stopped breathing shortly thereafter.
A woman I know from there started CPR when she became aware of the situation but 5 min at least went by before that.
He had lots of others maybe 10 guys around him and the front desk guys had been informed.
2 kids by my book, I know one is 24 as he went to school with R.
I stayed away thinking there was enough help and confusion but kept stepping and watching.
The EMT's showed up 15 min after the collapse and 10min after lady started CPR.
He was shocked 2x before his heart started and left with EMT's breathing for him.
Still not sure I could have helped much but should I have?
I'm pretty calm considering emergency and had a horse fall on a guy in our arena while roping once.
Me and 1 other lady helped him until medi-vac came.
Men all left area except my Dad who helped.
He recovered with broken bones.
Today didn't sound that promising.
Makes you think what if and I should.
He didn't look overweight or obese, just average joe working out.
Makes you re-evaluate and think.


  1. Poor guy! You really never know, it could happen to anyone at anytime......scary :/

    1. I guess there isn't anything I can do about it. Worry and stress are bad for your health as well. Just try to be as healthy as I can and do the right things so if it's my time I have a clear conscience.

  2. Life is very precious, one should live it to it's fullest because we never know when it's our time.

    You did all you could do. There were enough people around the victim to help.

    1. I agree Sandy. I'm hoping they tell me tomorrow he made it through. Life is precious.