Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finally but Easily

Miss Diamond our 7 or 8 yr old shorthorn cow finally delivered her calf early this afternoon in the sunshiney, dry weather. Good girl keeping me up each night expecting it for the last week . It was a week late but 1 min she was laying with the other cow/calves crew then literally she moved 20' away, laid on her side ,pushed, then stood and squatted him out. Meet Ron Weasley for those of you who understand Harry Potter puppet review parodies. I don't but my girls were instantly excited about the name. The calf is over 100# and very active. I haven't seem him nurse but his face has that milk look around his muzzle. I put the 2 into a pen to relax and have some bonding time but Ron won't lay still so Mama can rest. She s a wholly terror when she delivers. She had no qualms about attacking if you get too close to junior and she feels threatened. Good Mama just a tad strung out don't cha know!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who Else?

Who else has hamburgers thawing on the counter (yea yea I know should be in fridge don't judge me) along with cow medicines and over ripe bananas waiting to be turned into banana bread ? Show of hands please ... Anyone? That's what I thought. Just me, so sad.

Monday, April 22, 2013

With a BANG...

Long time no post but I'm back with a BANG!
Just wait , you'll see.
It's not good.
For starters I came down with the flu about 10 days ago.
High fevers that are sporadic, heavy congestion and coughing, chills, etc.
I self diagnosed and went to bed...
for a WEEK just about.
I didn't go to gym at all last week and only did minimal work.
LN had a busy week and I stumbled through her things then collapsed.
Today was the best yet although a persistent, chest hurting cough is still here.
I went back to the gym and was week as a kitten during it but I went.
So now for the "fun" stuff.
Friday night as I was driving LN home in the driving monsoon after her travel practice 
about 9:30 pm S called.
I answered and S says "help".
He had a flat tire on a tire bought April 4th.
He was a few miles from home and was leaving it till Saturday morning to fix in the daylight.
LN & I detoured after going to pharmacy for my MIL's prescription
which was not ready but I digress.
We picked S up who had his Moms' groceries, delivered them and went home.
Another hour goes by so it's been 1 1/2 to 2 hours since he called me now remember.
The phone rings and the homeowner at the house where he parked his truck calls to say...
wait for it
"Your truck is on fire".
I kid you not.
S thinks he's lying but no he was not.
We have no idea why it caught fire either.
The insurance adjuster will be here to check it out and hopefully we'll have a clue after that.

S went over after the call to see how bad and told me "oh not much more than electrical burnt".
Wrong Jack
I'm guessing it's totaled.
I didn't need this.
We use that truck in the business daily.
The fire company responded to the fire and smashed both windows but missed 1st and hit the door.
Looks like a bullet hole?
Overly cautious they broke both windows out so glass is everywhere.
I cant clean it up till investigator shows up.
We cant get new truck till insurance decides what's up.
So we wait.
Impatiently but still waiting...
Great start to weekend and this week.
I know I've heard, God only gives up what we can handle.
I must be strong as h*ll. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue is finished on the county level.
She did , she did it, she did it...
A little Dora reference there if anyone recognized it.
LN did well yesterday at the contest.
She received a blue ribbon and won her division in the Honor Court.

She sure doesn't look like she was uncomfortable a bit, huh?
She actually likes the modeling bit.

Of course her and her friends have to be serious after it was over.
I helped the girl on the left with her high/low skirt.
She did well also .
I was so relieved for her.
 If they don't do well I feel responsible even if we did our best.
This was LN 's advanced intermediate division.
The lighting was horrible there for pictures with the only lighting coming from behind the girls.
The girl beside LN has a light weight wool dress with a jacket that is bright red.
So pretty up close as were most of the garments entered.
This was the Honor court from all 4 divisions.
My child looks like a giant doesn't she?
All and all it was a good, long day .
I am fighting a cold and have a fever and chills each night.
What a lovely way to hang out all day helping the kids.
At least during the day my fever seems to subside and I just feel achy.
It'll pass.
Off to 1st soccer game for her travel team.
Not expecting a win because they have jumped up 5, yes 5 divisions.
Talk about a slap in the head.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weird Day

It's definently spring. I started the day out in a tank top and thin capris but by 3 pm I put wool socks on with jeans and a hoody. It is true as they say ... "It's Delaware , if you don't like the weather just wait a bit it will change". Hopefully we don't have any major frosts to ruin the peach crop. This picture is of the local orchards peach grove. It's about 1/2 mile from my house. So pretty in bloom but doesn't last long.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Kid

Sorry if I bore you with my kid picture but she s an intense girl. This was just a practice shot. They won today 4-0 she scored 1 and assisted another from her corner kick. Sorry bout cropped picture it was sent to me.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm sitting in my dining room doing taxes. Yes, yes I know I'm late as usual. Anyhow I'm sitting here with the window open listening to birds in the nandina bush eating berries and chattering. It's in the 70's with sunshine so I'm guessing spring is here. The greenhouse was pushing 90* at 9 am so off with the propane heater and a few windows opened there as well. I smelled that the culprit who has been digging in the cell packs has been caught. Pesty critters dug up a few cherry tomato seeds. Its all good though as we only need 1 plant . This afternoon LN has a soccer game. Beautiful weather for it. Happy Monday Ya'll

Saturday, April 6, 2013


LN's outfit is 99% DONE.
She's creepin...

All that's left is the multiple page entry form for the 4-H fashion revue and
go over both pieces looking for stray threads or markings that need eliminated and press each well.
LN will turn it in to be judged Monday for construction before next Saturdays
contest where modeling and fit will be evaluated.
Wheee it's done.... almost ;/

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break?

Schools in Delaware take the week surrounding Easter off for spring break.
Spring Break?
 So un--necessary considering school is out in 6 more weeks or so.
Anyhoo in this house spring break is "get your butt in gear and catch up on things break"!
Hence so far a few missions accomplished are...
 Month old Pinkey has been caught up daily, haltered and tied and been forced on grueling 5K's each day. OK maybe just a 100 ft walk, stumble, refuse to move adventure but still...
Both of my Angels walking the calves .
Start  them young and life is so much easier later on in the show ring.
Kids and Calves there doncha know!

Miss Diamond is laying around waiting on April 22nd , her due date.
Fingers and toes crossed please.
Last year was still born, 2 months early :/

Bones the steer has had his head clipped to promote more even growth.
He and his girl Star were weighed and feed rations adjusted for growth pattern we need.
With a lot of effort the board that is supposed to be dry erase was chiseled clean and rewrote
with new rations for pigs and steer/heifer set.
Lambs were sorted and "felt up" to pick possible candidates for market shows.
2 were watchers, 2 in reserve as maybes and 2 rejects for sure.
We'll re-evaluate in 2 weeks before sending 4 to sale before Greek Easter and 2 kept for LN to show.

Lambs were then weaned with angry screams all around.
A few went hoarse but most just chilled out.

                                                    Ewes were wormed and feet trimmed.
                                                                Oh my aching back!
                                                      Thank goodness R helped there.
Oh yea LN was "helping" NOT!
She was gangstering it, lil brat.
She helped catch, halter and hold sorta, mostly, sometimes.
Look how badly 1 ewe needed wormed.
Embarrassing but really on the rest I checked eye color and they were all dark pink so I don't know why just her was so bad off .
All were wormed since it's been a year and chucked into the alley field away from lambs.
Silence of the lambs my eye!
Screaming of the lambs is the rule and ewes screaming too.
Sounds of spring!

Pigs were walked, weighed and feed adjusted.
More grain pleased them greatly.
Cinder was helping, keeping an eye for mice needing "weighed" in his mouth.
Mouse is standing in my garden.
Think we need to put fence up and till very shortly.
I can taste spring peas in my mind at least.

Seedlings are sprouting.
Won't be long now.
I didn't take pictures but the goats have been sold mostly, leaving 1 ten yr old Wendy just because I can't send her off.
Otherwise only 2 goat kids for market animals remain.
3 young nannies were sold to young man wanting to start his own herd and 1 old goat went to the auction house last night.
A few odds and ends animal wise to shuffle around and then less drama and work for me.
Spring break is not a break for country folks with animals and gardens.
I wouldn't change with townies or city folks though and don't get me started on development residents who move to the "country" but never leave their un affordable houses except to complain about manure spreading, animal smells and sounds and equipment on the roads.
Hard work never hurt a person (at least mentally) but sometimes I wonder.
Oh well spring break is almost done , gotta get cracking.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Cherokee Purple Tomatoes are starting. Waiting for almost 2 weeks is hard for an impatient girl... Just saying ;)