Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue is finished on the county level.
She did , she did it, she did it...
A little Dora reference there if anyone recognized it.
LN did well yesterday at the contest.
She received a blue ribbon and won her division in the Honor Court.

She sure doesn't look like she was uncomfortable a bit, huh?
She actually likes the modeling bit.

Of course her and her friends have to be serious after it was over.
I helped the girl on the left with her high/low skirt.
She did well also .
I was so relieved for her.
 If they don't do well I feel responsible even if we did our best.
This was LN 's advanced intermediate division.
The lighting was horrible there for pictures with the only lighting coming from behind the girls.
The girl beside LN has a light weight wool dress with a jacket that is bright red.
So pretty up close as were most of the garments entered.
This was the Honor court from all 4 divisions.
My child looks like a giant doesn't she?
All and all it was a good, long day .
I am fighting a cold and have a fever and chills each night.
What a lovely way to hang out all day helping the kids.
At least during the day my fever seems to subside and I just feel achy.
It'll pass.
Off to 1st soccer game for her travel team.
Not expecting a win because they have jumped up 5, yes 5 divisions.
Talk about a slap in the head.


  1. LN looks like a professional model! Long and lean and so attractive. Don't tell the other girls but I think LN's outfit is far and away more complicated and advanced than theirs. The girl has real talent in the seamstress department! I hope she keeps sewing all her life.

    Take care of yourself. Sounds as if you've got some nasty germies trying to get you down. Be careful!

    1. I'm back hehehehe that's the best maniac laugh I have MamaPea. That picture does make her look professional. Must be the photographer, ahem ;) She already picked out next years outfit , help me now!

  2. LN gets 1st in my book!!!! She looks great! You should be soo proud! Way to go LN!!!!!
    You need to take care of yourself. Fever and chills are not good. Maybe some rest for mamma is in order ☺

    1. No rest for Mamas. You know that Kelly. We big, strong she women! I'm fine now. A little humbling for sure when I go down.

  3. I can see why she won, beautiful outfit on your beautiful girl! I hope you can kick that nasty bug and get to feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks Candy C. I am better finally. LN was so pleased with the outfit. She worked hard.