Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Me again Margaret!

Life is rolling along and me with it.
I cant sit down long enough to post with LN's spring schedule.
Each night there is 1 or 2 sometimes 3 things scheduled.
It's fair prep time so all the judging contests and demonstrations are happening.
This is LN & a friend demonstrating on field hockey.
Funny thing is they both came from soccer games at opposing schools to
compete in this team demo.
They received a blue ribbon and will compete at the state fair with it.
LN also participates in 3 judgings in our county and then choses 2 to compete at fair in.
So far she's done clothing and textiles where she was 2nd in the county,
foods where she was so-so ,I believe 6th or 7th and
finally she's 3 out of 6 parts in on completing livestockstock judging.
She thinks she's doing well there but has to wait and see final results in a few weeks.
This was the beef part, she's also completed the swine part.
Sheep and goats to come with another classroom training.
The new calf is doing great.
Ron Weasley is an easy keeper so far.
Look how tall he is.
He has to bend down to nurse at 5 days old.
Holy cow....

 Miss Diamond is recovering well and protective as ever.
Peace is being doled out as the herd of 7 adjusts to the newest addition.
3 of the 4 cows have a calf but the 4th who doesn't trys to steal one as often as possible.
The garden is tilled, the plants in the greenhouse are growing, time to put them in soon.
Peas are sprouting but that's all that 's been planted at this point.
Time is ticking.
Grass is growing.
Laundry piles are piling.
Dishes always need washing.
Ahhh the life.....


  1. The little calf is adorable and how funny one trys to steal babies LOL!!! My hens did that too, it was ridiculous!
    I read something today that I really liked. "A clean house means a wasted life" or something like that :/ Whatever I'm going with it! VIVA LA PIGSTY!!!!!

    1. My house is "clean enough to be lived in and dirty enough to be comfortable" Kelly.

  2. You are one busy mama! And spring time really does bring on more added stuff to deal with, doesn't it? No wonder we look forward to fall most years!

    1. I'm waiting on fall already. I do NOT like hot weather.

  3. That calf is just too cute! Hopefully, life will slow down a bit for you once school is out for the summer. (Yeah, right!) ;)

    1. Candy C I think there is a week in mid-August that may be slow!