Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am defiantly a bull in a china shop kind of person. I suck at being sympathetic.  I do not know how to be all nice to someone when they are down . I tell it like it is and apparently that s the wrong thing to do. I'm working on it. Maybe I ll get it right someday. Maybe I ll move far away from people so I don't have to deal with my flaws. That's a cop out but it drains me, the social graces I lack. There must be a name for the "in your face" type personality I have. Oops, I passed that gene to all 3 of my biological angels too. Lord help them all!

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  1. Maybe you're being too hard on yourself . . . ? I had a sister-in-law (now ex) who rubbed (most) people the wrong way because she always said exactly what was on her mind. I liked her because I never had to wonder where she stood on things or where I stood with her!