Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Visitor, etc

LN was not pleased with our unexpected visitor yesterday.
I was ok but wondering why it was visiting at 6 pm with the sun still out?
Didn't appear sick or crazy acting, just scared.
S didn't touch it just used towel and net to relocate it.
Don't look at my old as the hills kitchen.
Yes that's 60's paneling, chipped painted cabinets and jacked up plaster ceiling I took the acoustic tiles down from 5 years ago and stalled with removing the plaster.
In other news this is what happens after fair entries are stripped.
A pile of ribbons (we use the dutch system in the 4-H building) to dispose of and 12 yards of wool fabric S bought for $2.00 at an auction.
Hmmm what to do with it?
And as always a dignified picture of LN, who just turned 14 and her BFF who is adorable and just turned 8 yrs young, doing community service at the local peach festival.
They are so serious.


  1. What would bother me is how/where did the bat get in??!

    1. MamaPea I am definitely trying not to think about the how of it all. I believe it flew in when I opened the screen door about 2-3 hrs before LN saw it. That brings up the ? why was a bat flying around during the day? That means, let's just not think about the how of it all.

  2. We had a bat get into our garage. A "not cool" moment. We have them in are barns every year too. We thought about putting up a bat house, but haven't yet.

  3. That is a little strange that it was out during the day.
    Love the pile o' ribbons and that fabric!