Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Part of the Problem

Part of the problem with not posting regular is not wanting to show how bad it is here.
I feel I always complain.
Today I AM going to complain so get ready.
Rudeness and meanness are 2 traits I hate in a person.
I know I'm a blunt, to the point, honest opinion person but I'm not intentionally mean or rude.
What gives people the right to spew mean or rude comments?
If an order you placed comes in wrong does that give you the right to be derogatory to the driver
or to the salesman you call to inform they screwed up?
Do you have to say mean things to people who call you because you "suspect" they may be a telemarketer but turns out they are looking for store information to be a new customer?
Should you put down verbally your partner/spouse in front of customers to make yourself "look" better?
Is it ever appropriate to yell in public to your 88 yr old deaf Mother because she doesn't do as you wish?
So many more examples but suffice it to say I was stupid to not listen to my doubts.
I knew better.
Is meanness and rudeness fixable?
I've about reached my limit on control and if you think I'm a blunt person now 
hold onto your seats cause here it comes Jack!
Otherwise in the land of DE flatness...
the weather is jumping around and not knowing how to dress to feed up is annoying.
Animals are bred and will commence birthing late Jan or early Feb.
Indoor high school Soccer should commence this week for LN.
Christmas cheer has not arrived yet but may show soon.
I'm behind on paperwork as usual.
Thanksgiving was good.
R & S2 came up for dinner.
Fresh turkey was ate by all along with all the trimmings.
Z is trying to finalize a home purchase at 23 yrs old.
I just realized as I was told he is too young to be doing this that I was 23 the 1st home I purchased.
Great minds inherited I believe .
Anyhow I wish him luck.
That's about all I got folks.
Lil rant, lil info till next time....


  1. Having been accused most of my life of being too blunt, I can only say this needs to be said! I'm going to be self-promoting too, LOL. I just published my homesteading book and am so excited I want to tell the whole world! If you have a chance, do stop by my blog to help me celebrate!

    1. Good job Leigh on your book. I've had one running around in my head for years. As I go to sleep at night I revise it constantly, lol. Maybe I'll actually put it on paper one of these days.