Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1st Calf

1st calf of the season came this morning around 7:30am and 17' . 1st time heifer Star had no issues delivering a heifer. Star belongs to S2. S and I got calf brought up into an outdoor area attached to arena where the cows live. I bedded it up with straw and put a tarp on 1 side to help block the wind. 2 other sides are solid . The calf is running and jumping and nursing so all is well. Tonight snow is forecast but mama will keep her warm. 
It's disgusting but 1st time mama knows what to do with her afterbirth. It's nutritious and hides the evidence from predators when she eats it. LN has named it Charlotte but that is dependent on S2 agreeing.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun Times

Since me and LN will be out of town this weekend with a 4-h event and the last half of next week for the National MIWW contest we started prepping. LN cleaned her steer pen.
It was cold enough to see your breath but we both removed clothes as we hauled manure and listened to 70's rock.
I closed the sheep pen wall with its tin and clear panels to keep out the drafts and bedded and set up the lambing jugs.
I did remove the snake skin hanging by the window so LN didn't yell every time she went in there. LoL 
It's always fun times with my kid. We even changed out 3 light bulbs that were 12 ft in the air by her steers. LN stood on a tall feed barrel and stretched her long body to reach them. It was an enlightening experience. Illumination will help as we move through the rest of winter. There is more to do but we made a start getting ready.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

International Foods

LN made Baklava as her entry in 4-H International Foods event today.
It's a no pressure contest for kids to chose a dish from another country and make it.
Everyone tastes everything and has a good time.
LN is studying Arabic in school as her language.
She loves the teacher and is learning fast and furiously.
Baklava is a Middle Eastern dessert so she chose that because we had to be there early and didn't want a hot dish getting cold sitting around while we set up.

LN was asked to emcee as she is NOT afraid to speak in front of a crowd.
Did not get that from her Mama that's for sure.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yeah... It's that COLD....

Yeah, it's just that cold today.
When I collected all 3 eggs this morning about 9:30am they were frozen solid.
I went out there yesterday about the same time and had no eggs.
I figured it was just too darn cold so I wasn't worried.
My 8 layers have been pretty consistent with 6 to 8 eggs a day. 

LN tried to smash one against a tree.
It popped back at her without a scratch.
The things that amuse when it's cold.
I broke the threaded cap on the steers water trough.
That is not good at all.
I am an idiot and should have left it alone but I was frustrated with the full 8in of ice in the trough.
I should have put the heater in before this but honestly I forgot.
The outside troughs have all been turned on with heaters.
Since the inside steer trough hasn't froze yet I forgot about it.
Lesson learned.
LN put a muck bucket of water to them.
I'll wait (like I should have) for the ice to thaw around the cap and then remove it.
I have a heater to install.
Patience is NOT my strong suit.
I just lose my temper in 10 seconds when I realize I'm alone but not if you get my drift.
Stay warm everyone!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day...

5 in of snow fell over night here in DE.
Of course it's a major blizzard to the flatlanders residing here.
The wind is a kicker though, causing drifts blocking roadways in areas.
The state offices and schools are closed and we've only had 2 customers DUMB  brave enough to plow through the drifts in our driveway and road.
LN's steers are running and playing in it.

The heavy steel table my Dad left with me when he moved years ago is a giant flip toy
for all bovines that inhabit this lot.
Much fun is had flipping it over daily and watching me flip it back upright.
You may wonder why I don't move it elsewhere?
I have nowhere to put it but I may haul it to my garden as the wooden one I use is rotting.
It's overkill on size and strength but at least it will get some use other than as a toy.

The Nandina bush is weighted down.
The birds love eating the berries.

S put out seed but the wind is limiting the birds.
Most are  hunkered down in the trees and fencerows waiting out the wind.

My MIL's car is drifted but since we don't need it S just started and moved his truck around.
He's one of those who does not clean off the snow and only clears a tiny hole to see through.
It drives me crazy, so unsafe.
Doubtful he's going anywhere today though.
LN is keeping herself busy making sugar cookies that were not baked at Christmas time.


This is an accomplishment for a kid who was terrified of the stove/oven for years.
I left her to it with little advice.
She's got this.
I'm sure wild icing will decorate them soon enough.

Goose just hopes someone will drop something, anything so he gets a snack.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was asleep by 9 pm last night.
If there were fireworks I never heard them.
I was up at 6:00am to eat, read and head to the gym by 7:30.
Normally I'd estimate there are 30 or more vehicles lined up in front of the gym.
This morning there were 4.
2 employees and 2 clients? or customers?
I got the front row and had my choice of machines as well.
So excited... NOT
But I did go and beat my legs up some more.
Oh how fun to have sore muscles.
It's a sign I'm doing something right.
I still need major help with food choices.
My weaknesses are "white" foods like potatoes and pasta and cheese and ...
You get the idea but I am trying.
After coming home from the gym ,making my smoothie showering and watching a movie with LN
we unloaded a trailer and truck full of straw.
We live such an exciting life.
We did go to the steakhouse for late lunch.
S had a free appetizer coupon, woo hoo!
He ordered a fried onion of which I did not partake.
I didn't eat the bread or order potatoes instead I chose broccoli and a salad undressed.
It was still filling and good.
Day 1 was a success so far ;-}
I do have some Christmas cookies left though that may go to waste.
You know about the starving pygmies, right???