Monday, March 17, 2014

6 inches and a giveaway

We were blessed with 6 inches of snow again last night and today.
I say blessed because we will be thankful when July and August rolls around.
The moisture is always welcome.
How's that for positive?
I love the snow so it's easy for me to be positive.
I stayed inside most of the day in my sewing room.
I didn't create anything.
I did help LN get her dress hemmed including the lining.
She has to add a hook and eye and chain the lining down but it's mostly done.
The coat is cut out and bodice and skirt basted together just to show LN how it will look.
Bad picture , sorry but the window is above it with the sun reflecting off the snow.
The coat is laying out to train the wool pleat in the back to lay nicely.
Wool is so malleable and has a memory it maintains.
Of course I needed my assistance to get any work done.
Ln's  sewing mentor always makes each day positive for her.
She 's a special lady, mother of 2 under 3 yr old and working fulltime as well as serving on various service committees and helping teach a lot of kids to sew.
Her hubby is crazy busy as well with his editors job and kids and life and etc...
This is their daughter.
She is always happy and full of vinegar.
I play with her and her brother while LN and A sew.
He is quieter and looks like his papa.
Always busy playing, loves the outdoors.
Lots of details to add after constructing the rest  of the coat and lining it.
Time is winding down with 25 hrs into this so far.
This was Saturday.
LN was basting her interfacing onto her coat bodice.
Her "hat" was the St Patty's Day favor her 4-H club made this week for the local hospitals.
Leave it to LN to keep it fun. 
I was cleaning and sorting in my sewing room and I found 2 copies of this book.

Although I like more traditional styles, this is so bright and cheery I would like to make it.

How about a giveaway?
I've never done one so let's start with this book.
It has lots of pictures with great instructions.
There are traditional as well as newer (to 1988) quilts.
Anyone interested please leave a comment telling me something you think is interesting.
  I'll chose the recipient next Monday.
Please feel free to share with others unless you are worried this will lessen your odds ;}.
A week of possibilities.


  1. Those little ones do look like fun!
    Never made a quilt. One of my step moms made me a neat one, then her and my dad split up and she never gave it to me, Ha!
    I like the flower quilt too, very cheery :)

    1. Kelly, Your name is in the proverbial hat. Good Luck! Sunflowers or flowers in general are my favorites.

  2. Don't throw my name in the hat 'cause I have the very same quilt book on my shelf! I even have one older than yours . . . from 1987 and a few from 1988 on up to the early 2000s. They are beautifully done books and even if you never made a single quilt from any of the books, they are soooo pretty to just look through.

    I can just see you down on the floor playing with those two cute little urchins. (Who has more fun? You or them?)

    LN is well on her way to not only becoming an excellent seamstress but a tailor, too!

    1. So MamaPea I understand you want to be entered twice, right? I have other years as well. Yes I enjoy playing with them on the floor. LN is always learning which is good thing.

  3. That looks like a beautiful book. Nobody in my family quilts so it would be special to begin and start a new tradition.

    1. I will enter you tpals, Good Luck