Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winding down and starting up....

 After a whole lotta hours and little details and alterations
LN is almost done with her outfit.
It's winding down to small things left to do, ie: pressing and small hem job, etc.
Without pressing just so we could see it all together with shoes and jewelry here is the dress.

The coat back with LN's favorite part, the bow which was a happy accident.
The tab was made like on traditional coats and A's Mom (coolest Mom ever in my mind)
stopped by A's house to see how it was going.
She is a seamstress as well.
She was playing with the tab and scrunched it.
Her and LN both said, "Let's do that".
Pleat needs a good pressing as does whole coat, I know.

Front of coat, bad lighting but an idea nevertheless.

Soccer is starting up heavy.
Thought this was cool when she had just took header and feet came off the ground.

Her face is priceless here kinda....
"Watch where you are putting that hand girl!"

And just regular LN at "work".
Another day at the office.


  1. OMG, I LOVE that dress and coat. Tell your daughter that she is totally awesome :)

    1. Lol Carolyn LN open the blogger app on my phone and saw your comment. She was happy.

  2. I'm so impressed!!!! You have raised quite the seamstress!!!! Her outfit is beautiful and fits her perfectly!!!!!!!
    You got some great shots of her playing soccer too.
    Thank you for the encouraging comment the other day. I'm still feeling frazzled but starting to accept my new reality. I think I'm an old mule who doesn't like change, lol!!!
    I got my package today :)))))) The book is gorgeous! Did you notice there is two quilters in it from Oklahoma. Ones from Tulsa that's soo neat!!!! I'm inspired to try my hand at quilting now. I love quilts and I'm sure I will love one I make even if it's wonky, lol ;) I love the ornament! You are so crafty and thoughtful. Handmade goodies from friends are the best! Thanks again :)