Saturday, May 3, 2014

Festival and Eye not I

Today LN & I (not eye) went to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival.
We met up with some friends of ours with a daughter LN's age and 2 younger ones.
We shopped at the vendors and brought home a couple of wool mug rug patterns.
An owl based one and a Thanksgiving one, I'll see what wool I have appropriate here and buy from my local shop what else is needed.
I'll take some pictures once I begin them.
I also picked up a drop spindle as I've been wanting to learn how.
I know someone who is going to get me started out soon.
I also brought home some dark blue wool roving that I'll spin with the drop spindle.
As for the Eye not I part of this post I give you exhibit A.
LN played in a game Thursday where she took not 1 but 2 elbows to her right eye.
This picture was taken Friday morning as soon as she got up.
I laughed at her then took her picture.
I am a great Momma.
She was hurting Thursday night but by Friday she was proud of it and ade up fearsome stories of bear attacks and gorilla punches, etc.
By today it still hurts mostly when she smiles or laughs but she'll heal.
By the time she returns to school Monday that yellowish tone will probably set in.
Oh well such is life....
School soccer has 2 games left on this weeks schedule and
there are several travel games spread over the next month.
LN is slowly starting fair craft entries.
She's 90% complete on a tailored pair of linen shorts.
A blouse is on tomorrows schedule to begin as well as finish the shorts.
Animals need worked if the weather is warm enough to wash and blow out her steer.
Lambs need sorted as potential keepers or sell lot.
Pigs need walked and sprayed off.
Always something...

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