Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting Ready...

We are getting ready for the 1st livestock show of the season Saturday.
Heavy rain was forecast for today and it is delivering as we speak or read as it were.
So last night we worked....
Stubborn hogs were walked while the Momma cleaned their pen.
LN is shy, cant you tell?

Her steer was washed and blown out and the back up was brushed out.
Again while Momma cleaned and rebidded the pen.

Finally we walked the lambs and LN practiced setting them up.
She's keeping 3 or 4 but can only show 2.
2 are ewes I may put back in the herd so I'm good with her keeping them.
Tonight we shear and get all supplies ready for early morning haul out to fairgrounds.
Let the season begin!


  1. LN is a crack up!!!!! Have fun at the show :))))

    1. She does amuse herself greatly Kelly.