Tuesday, August 12, 2014


If you are part of a family I have a question and we all are, good or bad!
Think back to childhood or in the present with or of your family walking.
Are the parents leading with the children walking behind
or are the children walking in front with the parents pushing or following them forward?
I am always observing as I am curious.
I think psychology would have been interesting if my finances would have provided an education beyond high school.
I know, I know I could go now but doubtful I would for that.
I think I've learned that mixing 2 individuals with each coming from different ways,
 1 led, 1 pushed or followed 
doesn't work.
Fundamentally each way can be positive and each way can be negative.
However I don't feel they are compatible with each other.
One seems to feel entitled with the other being more giving.
Seems that would work, right?
But most successes seem to be with like minded I'm finding.
Curiosity killed the cat, right?
Stick a fork in me!
In other news, one steer went to freezer camp Monday and one hog week before.
2nd steer is not happy.
Remaining hog is not happy either.
Ram is not getting busy but there is time.
Summer reading is proceeding well for LN.
Her 4 books assigned are down to 1 left to read and 2 reports to finish.
Julius Caesar is left to read.
She is used to Shakespeare's writing so that shouldn't be as difficult as Huck Finn was.
LN is more ridged and  logical and Mark Twain is not, too phonetic for her mind.
Tryouts start for field hockey at 7:45 am Friday, her birthday.
Her goal is varsity.
She likes to succeed so here we go.
R and I went shopping with her today and R got her an obscenely expensive jeans for her present.
I gifted her last week with her field hockey purchases.
They are great jeans that cover "parts" nicely shall we say but still DANG!
Sticker shock...
I found the most soft, comfortable t-shirts at Gap on sale also.
I'm a tactile person as are all my offspring so it matters.
Travel soccer practices have began 2 nights a week.
Thursday LN & I (mostly her, I'm back-up for questions) have to present 4-H projects to
adult instructors who have no idea what members do in different projects.
She was chosen because she's done most of the projects involved.
Hmmm, what does that mean?
Saturday I think she has a playdate for field hockey already.
That night I believe some close friends are taking her Cosmic bowling for her birthday.
Wow, seems busy but it's our lives, we deal.


  1. Interesting question you posed. In the family I grew up in (mom, dad, brother and me) my dad was ALWAYS out front going two times faster than anyone else. Even when it was just Mom and Dad, he did the same thing which used to tick my mom off to no end. I don't think it was because Dad didn't want to walk WITH us (or mom). It was just that he was always goal oriented and when he was going somewhere (ANYwhere) he wanted to get there as soon as he could. Same with any task he was doing. It was always go like a mad man and get it done (not always in the best way) as quickly as he could. (Yes, he was an odd duck.)

    As far as literature goes, give me Mark Twain any day over Shakespeare. I admire LN if she can easily read The Bard and understand it!!

    1. LOL you crack me up. I physically walk faster than my family but I hope I'm leading my young'uns the correct way. I read everything and am happy R follows me in that. Z and LN only read when required of them. She has been knocking her reading out quickly but has had no choice with her busy schedule. Read while you can.